New current-sense resistors ideal for automotive and consumer electronics markets

Current-sense resistors from Littelfuse are notable for precisely specified resistance values, so engineers can use voltage and current monitoring outputs with confidence in applications such as motor control.

Littelfuse has announced the launch of new current-sense resistors which offer a more cost-effective solution for functions such as voltage monitoring, battery charging, and motor control, while also providing over-current protection. 

The eight new resistors from Littelfuse are metal-foil, metal-strip, or metal-plate resistors optimized for measuring current. They offer a combination of high precision and low resistance. The various resistor families are available in a wide range of case sizes and resistance ratings. 

Littelfuse offers its current-sense resistors as a more cost-effective option than other technologies such as Hall-effect sensors, current transformers, flux gate sensors for dc applications, and Rogowski coils for ac applications.

Video: Introducing the CSR series for current and voltage monitoring.

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