Intelligent high-side 41 V power switch enhances automotive system reliability

The ZXMS81045SPQ from Diodes Incorporated is suitable for driving automotive 12 V loads while providing a range of protection functions, offering a reliable and smaller alternative to relays, fuses and discrete circuits.

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the DIODES™ ZXMS81045SPQ, a high-side IntelliFET™ power switch that can drive 12 V automotive loads while providing a range of protection and diagnostic capabilities. 

Integrating protection into the power switch, the ZXMS81045SPQ provides an efficient, reliable, and smaller alternative to relays, fuses, and discrete circuits in automotive body control and lighting applications. 

The ZXMS81045SPQ combines a 41 V-rated N-channel FET with circuitry that provides protection against short circuits, manages inrush currents, and safeguards against over-voltage conditions including load dumps. In addition, this intelligent switch features over-temperature protection with auto-restart, plus protection against ESD strikes. Protection against loss of ground and reverse polarity can also be implemented with the aid of a few external components.

A dedicated Current Sense pin provides precision analog current monitoring of the output and produces a fault indication in the event of a short to battery, short to ground or open load. 

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