Three-phase mains filters give excellent attenuation of EMI noise

Space-saving FMBC EP and FMBD EP double-stage filters from SCHURTER feature new safety design for compliance with the IEC 60204-1 safety standard applied to electronics equipment.

SCHURTER has expanded its successful FMBC EP and FMBD EP families of three-phase filters, introducing new variants for machine applications. The new filters meet the requirements of the machine safety specifications set by the IEC 60204-1 harmonizing standard. They are suitable for three-phase or three-phase-with-neutral conductor applications at rated currents from 16 A to 230 A.Ā 

The FMBC EP and FMBD EP dual-stage block filters have a small footprint, and offer excellent noise attenuation in industrial and energy applications such as electric vehicle fast-charging stations and energy storage systems. The filters feature high-quality components including large film capacitors, and chokes with highly permeable cores, making them suitable for industrial applications that generate high EMI emissions.Ā 

To meet the requirements of IEC 60204-1, the filters contain capacitors that have a short discharge time: residual voltage is less than 60 V within a maximum of 2 seconds after disconnection. The use of larger resistors has increased the insulation value between phases and ground to at least 1 MĪ©.Ā 

All family members have ENEC and cURus approvals and are recommended for applications up to 760 V ac. The standard variants are designed for industrial applications with leakage currents of less than 10 mA. Special variants with leakage current of less than 3 mA are also available.Ā 

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