Launch of world’s smallest sub-miniature flange-mount magnetic reed sensors

The new Littelfuse 59155 and 59156 reed sensors are ideal for products that require proximity or limit sensing. Featuring a wide operating-temperature range, these reed sensors suit factory and process equipment.

The new 59155 and 59156 from Littelfuse are the world’s smallest sub-miniature flange-mount magnetic reed sensors, measuring only 12.7 mm x 9.0 mm x 3.0 mm. 

The sensors can switch 120 V ac/170 V dc at 10 W. The case design provides for mounting with an M2 screw or with adhesive.

The 59155 and 59156 sensors are available with wires exiting from the left- or right-hand side, making them ideal for use in many applications for use cases including proximity and limit sensing. 

Magnetically actuated, the 59155 and 59156’s contactless activation prevents exposure to humidity or dust, extending the host equipment’s lifespan.

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