LED controller supports deep dimming down to less than 0.1%

The HV96001 from Microchip is a power controller for LED drivers which eliminates ripple for a clean, flicker-free light output. Digital or analog dimming can be set via a wide range of lighting control protocols.

The HV96001 LED driver controller from Microchip is intended for use in offline lighting applications that require a wide dimming capability. The controller can perform both linear, analog dimming and PWM digital dimming: in PWM dimming mode, the HV96001 can control flicker-free dimming down to less than 0.1% with a pulse width of less than 250 ns. 

The HV96001 IC includes two feedback regulators, one controlling a flyback converter circuit and the other controlling a boost converter that supplies the LED load. The controller regulates the flyback converter output voltage in the primary stage via an optocoupler. The boost regulator, which implements the SEPIC topology, provides precise control with near-zero voltage ripple. This produces a ripple-free LED current with ripple rejection at 100 Hz and 120 Hz, and a clean, flicker-free light output from the LEDs with a consistent color temperature. 

By adjusting the flyback converter output voltage, the HV96001 ensures the boost converter operates with a small difference between the input and output voltages, also known as the headroom voltage, so that the boost converter can be smaller and operate more efficiently. 

The HV96001 supports a broad range of wired and wireless protocols, including:

  • DALI
  • 0-10V
  • DMX
  • PM
  • PoE
  • Zigbee wireless¬†
  • Wi-Fi¬ģ networking
  • MESH
  • LoRa¬ģ networking
  • Cat-1M cellular¬†
  • Bluetooth¬ģ wireless¬†¬†

Integrated features include output over- and under-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection, and stuck-at-zero dimming detection.

LoRa¬ģ is a trademark of Semtech Corporation.

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