Low-power 16-bit MCUs with tiny 8-pin package option provide feature-rich alternative to 8-bit MCUs

Versatile new RL78/G15 microcontrollers from Renesas are based on proven RL78 core running at 16 MHz. Renesas has extended the low-power RL78 family of general-purpose 16-bit microcontrollers with new parts in small package sizes suitable for use in applications that would previously have used an 8-bit MCU.

The versatile new RL78/G15 MCUs feature a wide range of peripheral functions, and are backed by up to 8 kbytes of code Flash memory. The MCUs’ RL78 16-bit CPU core operates at 16 MHz. 

The smallest RL78/G15 device is supplied in an 8-pin package measuring only 3 mm x 3 mm. The new MCUs are available in packages with up to 20 pins. All pins can be used for general-purpose I/O, except the Vdd and Vss power-supply pins. 

The new RL78/G15 products enable designers to keep system size small and to reduce the cost of end systems. In addition, the maximum operating temperature of 125°C facilitates thermal design, and allows the MCU to be used near heat-generating components such as inverter motors.

Like other RL78 devices, the new RL78/G15 MCUs are supported by the Renesas GUI-based Smart Configurator, which enables developers to easily generate driver code for peripheral functions.

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