Motion sensor supplies six-axis outputs for Industry 4.0 applications

ISM330DHCX from STMicroelectronics is an accurate, low-power and low-noise MEMS sensor.

The ISM330DHCX from STMicroelectronics is a system-in-package which combines a high-performance 3D digital accelerometer and 3D digital gyroscope to provide a six-axis motion sensor output. It is ideal for use in condition-based monitoring, predictive maintenance and other Industry 4.0 applications.

Part of a broad family of MEMS sensor modules, it takes advantage of STā€™s robust and mature micromachining processes. In the ISM330DHCX the sensing elements of the accelerometer and gyroscope are implemented on the same silicon die, giving superior stability and robustness.

The ISM330DHCX has a full-scale acceleration range of Ā±2 g/Ā±4 g/Ā±8 g/Ā±16 g and a wide angular rate range between Ā±125 degrees/s and Ā±4,000 degrees/s.Ā 

Factory-calibrated, the ISM330DHCX achieves a high level of accuracy and stability, and produces very low noise. The output data from the accelerometer and gyroscope are fully synchronized.

The motion sensing capabilities of the ISM330DHCX are supplemented by signal processing functions which help developers to implement designs for smart and complex sensor nodes that provide high performance at very low power. These include a machine learning core, programmable finite state machine, FIFO, sensor hub, event decoding, and interrupts.


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