Motor protection relay provides Bluetooth link for remote monitoring

The Littelfuse MP8000 relay features a comprehensive set of protection functions for safe and reliable operation of motors and pumps drawing current of up to 1,000 A.

The feature-rich MP8000 series relay from Littelfuse, which protects three- or single-phase motors operating at voltages between 90 V and 690 V ac, provides a Bluetooth® wireless connection to enable remote monitoring and programming of important relay functions via the Littelfuse smartphone and tablet app. The relay also features an Ethernet communications port that can be used to form an Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet/IP network for remote monitoring. 

The MP8000 protects any motor or pump drawing a full load of between 0.5 A and 1,000 A. External current transformers are required for protection above 100 A. Protection functions provided by the MP8000 include locked rotor, overload, over-temperature, and unbalance protection. 

The intuitive Bluetooth and Ethernet functions increase arc-flash safety, because the app allows settings to be modified and real-time operational information to be viewed. The user is not required to open the control panel to view information or monitor faults displayed in the app. 

The relay can also be remotely monitored and controlled from a PC or SCADA system. Data logging is supported via a PC with the optional MP8000 software, or other software program that uses the MP8000 memory map. 

The MP8000 relay operates as a fail-safe device. This means that when the voltage is within the programmed limits, the relay will energize and the normally open contact will close. When the unit loses power or senses a fault condition, the relay will de-energize and contacts will return to their original state. 

Use of external potential transformers can extend the relay’s upper voltage range above 690 V ac. 

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