New dc-dc converters meet fast-switching requirements of GaN-based systems

The MGN1 series of converter modules from Murata provides the ideal isolated power supply solution for the gate drivers required by GaN power switches. Compact dimensions ensure they can be accommodated in tightly-packed board layouts.

Murata has introduced compact new 1 W dc-dc converters, the MGN1 series, which supply the voltages needed by the gate drivers of wide bandgap gallium nitride (GaN) power switches. The regulated output-voltage options are +8 V, +12 V, and +6/-3 V from a 12 V nominal input voltage.

Lightweight, and measuring 12.0 mm x 16.0 mm x 4.25 mm, these surface-mount modules can easily be integrated into space-constrained designs. 

One of the key attributes of the MGN1 series converters is their ultra-low isolation capacitance of 2.5 pF. This minimizes the coupling of transients across the isolation barrier, preventing signal distortion, and alleviating system EMI problems. 

Common-mode transient immunity of more than 200 kV/¬Ķs makes the MGN1 modules ideal for GaN-based systems that switch at high frequency. Thanks to their partial discharge performance, reliable operation is maintained in high-voltage conditions.

The dc-dc converters in Murata’s MGN1 series support a continuous isolation barrier withstand voltage of 1.1 kV. UL 62368 conformance is pending for 650 V dc basic insulation and 240 V ac reinforced insulation. 

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