New MOSFET technology gives improved power density and efficiency

MDmesh M9 MOSFETs from STMicroelectronics are suitable for both hard-switching and resonant topologies.

STMicroelectronics has introduced MDmesh M9 superjunction power MOSFETs, offering the industry’s best figure-of-merit for on-resistance x gate charge in its class. Use of the MDmesh M9 devices enables designers to substantially reduce power losses in power systems in communications equipment, microinverters and resonant dc-dc converters. 

The MDmesh M9 series sets a new benchmark for 650 V and 600 V superjunction MOSFETs, offering a reduction of around 30% in on-state resistance compared to the previous technology. 

This enables developers to increase power density and realize more compact power-system designs based on hard- or soft-switching topologies. 

The new product range, which is available in versions for industrial and for automotive applications, also includes 250 V-rated medium voltage MOSFETs.

The first MDmesh M9 device to be launched is the 650 V STP65N045M9, which has maximum on-resistance of 45 mΩ. On-resistance as a function of area is very low, as is gate charge, which is just  80 nC at a 400 V drain voltage.

The MDmesh M9 technology reduces both turn-on and turn-off switching losses compared with the earlier MDmesh M5 technology. The MDmesh M9 MOSFETs also feature very low reverse-recovery charge and reverse-recovery time, helping to improve efficiency and switching performance.

An essential element of the MDmesh M9 technology is an additional platinum diffusion process which produces a fast intrinsic body diode. The peak diode-recovery slope, dV/dt, is also greater than for earlier processes.

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