New RISC-V-based MPU provides fast interfaces for high-performance gateway applications

Renesas has introduced a microprocessor option for developers who want to base new designs on the RISC-V instruction set architecture.

The Renesas RZ/Five has a 1 GHz RISC-V core and a generous set of communications interfaces and security capabilities.

The Renesas RZ/Five Group of MPUs provides a RISC-V implementation backed by a rich set of memory and communications interfaces. The RZ/Five RISC-V CPU core is an AX45MP Single running at a clock frequency of up to 1 GHz. The MPU also provides a 16‑bit interface to high-speed DDR3L or DDR4-1600 DRAM. 

For high-speed data transfers, the RZ/Five MPU features a one- or two-channel Gigabit Ethernet interface. It also provides two-channel CAN-FD and USB 2.0 interfaces. Renesas supports comprehensive security protection for connected devices based on the RZ/Five. These include secure boot capability, a cryptography engine, true random number generator, and a 1 kbit one-time programmable memory for key storage. 

The RZ/Five is supplied in two versions: 

  • 361-pin BGA package measuring 13 mm x 13 mm with the part number R9A07G043F01GBG#BC0
  • 266-pin BGA package measuring 11 mm x 11 mm with the part number R9A07G043F00GBG#BC0

Designers using the RZ/Five can reduce system cost by implementing designs on a four-layer PCB. The 13 mm x 13 mm version is pin-compatible with the RZ/G2UL Arm® Cortex®-A55-based MPU, part number R9A07G043U11GBG#BC0.

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