Polarized power relays perform energy-efficient switching operations

Panasonic supplies multiple series of polarized power relays to meet the needs of many applications. These relays offer substantially lower power consumption than other types of electromechanical relay, with low self-heating.

Panasonic Industry offers a broad portfolio of polarized power relays for applications including home and building automation, industrial equipment, and smart city automation. Relays supporting three types of operation are available: single-side stable, one-coil latching, and two-coil latching.

Polarized power relays help to reduce energy consumption: the permanent magnet in the coil reduces the energy required to actuate the load circuit. A latching relay also consumes no energy in the switched state. This results in highly efficient operation with no self-heating caused by power loss in the coil. 

The Panasonic portfolio of polarized power relays includes the miniature DSP range, which provides the contact rating of a power relay, at 8 A, in a package the size of a signal relay. These power relays offer high contact pressure, a low bounce rate, high energy efficiency, and good resistance to vibration. Highly sensitive, they can be driven directly by transistors, microcontrollers or other types of IC. They require a nominal operating power of around 190 mW with a 3 V coil.

The Panasonic portfolio of polarized power relays also includes the DK, DE, DW and DJ-H series supporting operating current up to 50 A and breakdown voltages up to 277 V ac.

Contact Configuration 1A 1A1B, 2A 1A 1A1B, 2A 1A 1A1B, 2A 1A 1A 1A
AC Voltage 250 V 250 V 250 V 250 V 250 V 250 V 250 V 277 V 277 V
AC Current 8 A 5 A 10 A 8 A 16 A 8 A 8 A 16 A 50 A
DC Voltage 30 V 30 V 30 V 30 V 30 V 30 V    
DC Current 5 A 5 A 10 A 8 A 10 A 8 A    
Length x Width x Height (mm) 20.2 x 11 x 10.5 20 x 12.5 x 9.7 25 x 12.5 x 12.5 24 x 10 x 18.8 24 x 10 x 15.8 39 x 15 x 30.2
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