Power modules provide ready-made solution for NFC wireless charging

The BP3621 and BP3622 from ROHM Semiconductor are small, integrated power modules which provide a ready-made solution for implementing wireless charging at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. The BP3621 is the wireless power transceiver and the BP3622 is the receiver. 

BP3621 and BP3622 from ROHM Semiconductor form a complete transmitter/receiver system with an ultra-compact footprint. 

The operation of the modules at the NFC frequency of 13.56 MHz means that they achieve good coupling with a small antenna at a range of up to 10 mm. The BP3621 has a footprint of 35 mm x 26 mm, while the BP3622 measures 24 mm x 17 mm.

The built-in antenna can support bi-directional data communication and the functionality of an NFC Forum Type 3 tag, enabling the implementation of communications functions which are useful in the application, such as relaying the state of charge of the battery. 

The BP3621 and BP3622 can easily be used in very small devices with limited space on the back side. ROHM Semiconductor supplies the modules with software for performing wireless charging and NFC tag communication.

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