Reference designs for Lattice FPGAs ease design of power circuits

Monolithic Power Systems provides a set of ready-made circuit designs for Lattice Semiconductor FPGAs that can be optimized for low bill-of-materials cost or small system size.

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) offers an extensive portfolio of power solutions for Lattice Semiconductor FPGAs, simplifying the design of power circuits for designers using Lattice FPGAs, and helping OEMs to shorten time-to-market for new products. 

The reference designs for Lattice FPGAs feature various MPS power devices. These range from highly flexible and easy-to-use PWM regulators to fully integrated power modules. MPS has developed an innovative, proprietary process technology that produces high efficiency, ultra-fast transient response, small size, and low system cost. 

Reference designs are available for various Lattice FPGAs: 

  • ECP5-5G
  • MachX05
  • CrossLink-NX
  • Avant-E
  • CertusPro-NX


For the ECP5-5G FPGA, MPS offers three reference designs: two options minimize bill-of-materials cost, and a third keeps the system board footprint to a minimum. This last design features two MPM3606 and four MPM3620 modules. 

The MPM3606 is a synchronous step-down converter with integrated inductor. It provides a maximum current output of 0.6 A from a supply with an input voltage of up to 21 V. The MPM3620 is also a synchronous step-down converter with integrated inductor. The current rating is 2 A, and the converter handles a maximum input voltage of 24 V. 

Reference designs with options to minimize cost or board footprint are also available for the MachX05, Avant-E, and CertusPro-NX FPGAs. The CrossLink-NX reference design, featuring the MPM54304 quad-output power module, has a small board footprint. 

All the reference designs are optimized for low EMI to provide for compliance with the requirements of the EN 55022 standard.

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