Rugged circular fiber connectors make termination easy

The 5000 series of expanded beam circular fiber connectors from Bulgin combines high performance with a simple process for termination.

Bulgin 5000 series connectors are suitable for use in harsh conditions including in military tactical equipment.

Compatible with the specifications of the MIL-DTL-83526D standard, the connectors are suitable for use in harsh environments, including military tactical communications devices, as well as mining, broadcast and marine equipment. They may be used with any other MIL-DTL-83526D connector. 

Bulgin has also implemented a patented arrangement for ferrule-lens alignment. Fiber ferrules are terminated using standard termination tools, and may be easily placed in position. This means that the two- and four-channel 5000 series connectors allow for rapid in-field termination and repair when inserts and termination kits are available. 

Bulgin also supports the 5000 series connectors with a new management system which prevents twisting of fibers and cable, a common cause of performance impairment.

The 5000 series is available with plug, jam nut and flange-mount connector body options, and with plug-to-plug, plug-to-LC and plug-to-SC cable assembly options.

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