Space-saving chip ferrite beads ideal for automotive noise suppression

Murata has released the BLM15PX_SH1 and BLM15PX_BH1 series, the industry’s first chip ferrite beads in the small 0402 case size to be suitable for the suppression of power-supply line noise.

These chip ferrite beads are available with current ratings from 900 mA to 3,000 mA, and with impedance at 100 MHz ranging from 33 Ω to 600 Ω. The BLM15PX_SH1 has an operating- temperature range of -55°C to 125°C, and the BLM15PX_BH1 range is -55°C to 150°C. The BLM15PX_SH1 and BLM15PX_BH1 are notable for the low DC resistance of as little as 0.022 Ω. This keeps power losses and heat generation to a minimum.

The BLM series ferrites are effective in circuits with no stable ground line because they do not need a connection to ground. 

The introduction of these new chip ferrite beads enables automotive design engineers to ensure sensitive systems such as infotainment or driver assistance are not impaired by EMI noise emanating from power-supply lines. The integrity of the data captured by the sensors and cameras in these systems needs to be maintained when it is transferred to and from electronic control units. The use of Murata chip ferrite beads helps to protect signal integrity by attenuating EMI in power supply lines close to sensors and cameras.

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