Surface-mount capacitors offer low ESR and excellent noise reduction up to 125°C

The SVT series, part of the Panasonic OS-CON family of surface-mount conductive polymer aluminum capacitors, tolerates high-temperature operation and gives reliable operation over a long lifetime.

The SVT series of OS-CON™ surface-mount conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors from Panasonic is suitable for applications such as power supplies or base stations in which low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and noise reduction are critical. The SVT series capacitors offer low ESR even at low temperatures, as well as excellent frequency characteristics. 

A wide operating-temperature rating of -50°C to 125°C for up to 2,000 hours shows the robustness and long lifespan of these new capacitors, and ensures that they can be used in applications requiring high reliability.

Depending on the model, the new SVT capacitors feature a rated voltage range of 2.5 V to 16 V or 2.5 V to 50 V, and ESR ratings of 12 mΩ to 35 mΩ. Capacitance values of the SVT products range from 18 µF up to 2,700 µF.

OS-CON capacitors offer a combination of the lowest ESR and the highest ripple current in their class, providing a reliable, high-quality capacitor for industrial applications. 


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