Three-phase 600 V driver with embedded controller offers ready-made solution for BLDC motors

STSPIN32F0601 from STMicroelectronics combines an MCU for running popular motor-control algorithms with three-phase gate-drive circuit in a single package, helping simplify board designs and accelerate BLDC motor development.

The STSPIN32F0601 from STMicroelectronics is a 600 V-rated motor drive solution for brushless dc (BLDC) motors operating from a 250 V ac mains power supply. The device combines three-phase gate drivers and an STM32F0 Arm® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller in a single 10 mm x 10 mm TQFP package.

Providing a simple and highly integrated solution for the implementation of high-voltage BLDC motor-drive designs, the STSPIN32F0601 is supplied with popular control algorithms and application examples. This embedded software includes single- and three-shunt field-oriented control (FOC) schemes, as well as traditional sensored single-shunt and six-step sensorless control.

The gate drivers integrate zero-drop bootstrap diodes and protection circuitry, including cross-conduction prevention and dead-time insertion. In addition, under-voltage lock-out protection on both the low- and high-side driving sections prevents the power switches from operating in low-efficiency or dangerous conditions. There is also a patented fast-acting smart shutdown function for overload and over-current protection.

The integrated 48 MHz STM32F0 MCU gives designers the freedom to use the rich STM32 development ecosystem when building applications. The MCU features 4 kbytes of SRAM, and 32 kbytes of Flash memory for data and code storage. The STSPIN32F0601 analog and digital peripherals include a 12-bit ADC with up to ten channels, six general-purpose timers, 21 general-purpose I/O pins, and I2C, UART and SPI ports.

An integrated bootloader provides for flexible device lifecycle management, allowing firmware updates to be applied in the field.

The STSPIN32F0601 is pin-compatible with the ST 250 V-rated STSPIN32F0251 and STSPIN32F0252, allowing hardware and firmware to be re-used in products for operation on either 110 V or 250 V ac mains supplies.

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