Triacs with isolated package provide UL-recognized solution for ac switching

New Littelfuse triacs handle high temperatures and voltages, providing a safe and reliable option for motor control, light dimming and home appliance applications.

Littelfuse has introduced a new series of standard high-temperature alternistor triacs (thyristors) that have 4 A, 12 A, 16 A, 30 A, or 35 A maximum rms current ratings. 

An alternistor triac is typically used with highly inductive loads that require a high commutation capability. A triac is, for instance, an excellent ac switch in applications such as heating, lighting, and motor controls. 

These Littelfuse triacs are valuable because the internally isolated packages offer better heat sinking with a higher isolation voltage. The ability to handle high dv/dt ratios also makes them suitable for ac switching and phase control applications. 

The new product lines include the QVxx16xHx series of 16 A triacs, supplied in TO-220AB, TO-220 isolated, and TO-263 packages. The QJxx30xH4 triacs are rated for 30 A rms current, and the QJxx35xH4 series for 35 A. 

The new SJxx08xSx and SJxx08xx series triacs can carry rms current of 8 A, while the SJ6012D1TP has a 12 A rating.

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