Ultra-compact tact switch saves board space in wearable applications

The NanoT series from C&K, now part of Littelfuse, features the world’s smallest side- and top-actuated tactile switches. The NanoT products are now available in both surface-mount and pin-in-paste versions in an edge-mount configuration, to give higher resistance to shear forces.

NanoT series from C&K has low profile of as little as 0.55 mm.

The small dimensions of the NanoT switches make them ideal for use in space-constrained applications such as smart glasses and other wearable devices, personal health monitoring devices, and battery-powered IoT devices. The side-actuated NanoT is in a 2.2 mm x 1.7 mm x 1.65 mm package. The top-actuated NanoT is even smaller, at 2.1 mm x 1.65 mm x 0.55 mm.

The availability of such a compact tact switch gives product designers new scope to save board space and to benefit from flexibility in the design of the board. 



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