White LEDs in standard 5050 footprint combine efficacy with high light output

Lumileds LUXEON 5050 family features a robust package that is resistant to atmospheric sulfur for use in outdoor lighting applications. Excellent color stability satisfies lighting designers’ requirement for high quality of light.

The LUXEON 5050 family of LEDs from Lumileds provide a high-power white light output from a robust package, offering an ideal solution for cost-effective, single-optic and directional fixtures. 

These LEDs have a standard 5050 surface-mount package footprint, with a small light-emitting surface (LES). The devices are supplied in versions with a CRI of 70, 80 or 90, and in CCT values ranging from 2,200 K to 6,500 K. The three forward-voltage configurations of 6 V, 24 V, and 30 V, are compatible with low-cost, high-efficacy drivers. The LUXEON 5050 parts are available with either a square or round LES. 

Lumileds also supplies the LUXEON 5050 HE, a high-output white light source that offers higher efficacy. This product helps lighting OEMs to meet rising customer demand for more sustainable lighting options, a trend which goes hand-in-hand with the growing adoption of solar and other renewable power generation and off-grid supply technologies. 

The LUXEON 5050 HE LED achieves efficacy of up to 181 lm/W at its rated drive current of 640 mA at 6 V, or 160 mA at 24 V. Luminous flux is as high as 700 lm in the 4,000 K and 5,000 K color-temperature models.  

The high light output and increased efficacy of the new LEDs come at no cost to robustness and longevity, attributes for which LUXEON LEDs are well known. These LEDs, which are housed in a highly reliable package design, offer excellent flux maintenance and color stability in environments exposed to high levels of atmospheric sulfur. The LEDs’ three- and five-step MacAdam ellipse binning structure ensures excellent color uniformity across a population of production units. 

The 5050 LEDs from Lumileds are intended for use in both illumination and horticultural lighting applications. For horticultural use, the LUXEON SunPlus 5050 LEDs are specified in μmol/s for photosynthetic photon flux (PPF), and in µmol/J for PPF efficacy.

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