Zener-protected power MOSFET offers reduced ringing and higher circuit efficiency

The 600 V STD7N60DM2 power MOSFET from STMicroelectronics features a fast recovery diode, and offers low reverse-recovery charge and time for higher efficiency in demanding converter topologies.

The STMicroelectronics STD7N60DM2 is a 600 V, N-channel power MOSFET with a typical on-resistance of 0.78 Ω. It is well suited to high-efficiency switching applications thanks to the extremely low gate charge and input capacitance.

As part of the STMicroelectronics MDmesh DM2 fast recovery diode series of power MOSFETs, the STD7N60DM2 offers shorter reverse-recovery time for increased efficiency, and higher dV/dt ruggedness for improved system reliability.

The STD7N60DM2 can carry a continuous drain current of up to 6 A at 25°C. At 100°C this is reduced to 3.8 A. The maximum pulsed drain current is 24 A for a total power dissipation of up to 60 W at 25°C. The full operating junction temperature range is -55°C to 150°C.

This power MOSFET is 100% avalanche tested and offers Zener diode protection for increased reliability in demanding applications. The package is a 6.40 mm x 9.35 mm x 2.20 mm DPAK.

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