Industrial-grade microprocessors for secure advanced edge AI

Smart connected edge applications in Industry 4.0 need industrial-grade microprocessors which are optimized to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) whilst featuring advanced multimedia capabilities and robust longevity.

In addition to its stunning AI performances, the latest STM32MP2 MPUs from STMicroelectronics support advanced graphics for HMI, and strong security.

The industrial qualification of the STM32MP2 includes the ability to deliver 100% operation for 10 years, with the 10-year longevity commitment being renewed every year.

Integrating edge AI accelerators with a neural processing unit (NPU), the STM32MP2 microprocessors achieve up to 1.35 trillion operations per second (TOPS). The versatile allocation of resources between cores enables the AI workload to be shared efficiently between the NPU, the central processing unit (CPU), or the graphics processing unit (GPU).

With single or dual Arm® Cortex®-A35 cores, operating at up to 1.5 GHz, and an Arm Cortex-M33 core operating at up to 400 MHz, the STM32MP25 microprocessors can run these cores independently and in parallel. This means that real-time functions can be run in parallel with the multimedia capability.

For advanced HMI, the 3D GPU supports up to 1080p resolution and provides the full HD video pipe with RGB, LVDS and DSI outputs interface.

For efficient image acquisition, in addition to processing multiple outputs, the STM32MP2 integrates a MIPI CSI-2 camera interface with an internal image signal processor (ISP). This allows more flexibility and cost savings on image sensor selection while totally offloading the CPU from management of multi-channel application scenarios.

To maintain security for industrial edge applications, certification is planned to SESIP3 and PSA Level 1, and TrustZone® provides secure boot, as well as secure firmware updates and cryptography. A secure provisioning ecosystem is also available.

A Resource Isolation Framework (RIF) extends isolation for multi-core and multi-applications so that an isolated peripheral accesses the processor only when it is required.

Support for fast AI development includes the X-LINUX-AI all-in-one expansion package for OpenSTLinux. The STM32 Modelzoo, available on Github, is a selection of  application-oriented models for human pose estimation, computer vision models for image classification, semantic segmentation and object detection. Evaluation and discovery boards are also planned – you can request the the STM32MP257F-EV1 free now.

The combination of AI with advanced graphics and strong security, enables the STM32MP2 microprocessors to deliver AI for secure industrial-grade advanced edge applications.

As usual with the STM32MPU products, the SMT32MP2 can rely on a strong ecosystem including the OpenSTlinux distribution, the expansions packages ( like X-LINUX-AI or X-LINUX-TSNSWCH) to enlarge the functionalities ( AI or embedded ethernet switch), STM32 tools and partners (System On Module, Graphics, services). Note that the OpenSTLinux BSP is now declined via Buildroot, OpenWRT and Android Flavors.