Low-density ForgeFPGA breaks the price and ultra low-power barriers

The latest low-density FPGA from Renesas removes the price and power barriers that have previously meant that low-density FPGA have not been an option for high-volume applications.

With the SLG47910V ForgeFPGA, mass market applications such as wearables and battery-powered devices can access the lowest cost, low-density FPGA, which also achieves the lowest sleep current. High integration is also built in to the extremely small footprint.

ForgeFPGA introduces a new approach as a one-time programmable (OTP) low-density FPGA. OTP is not usually available on a low-density FPGA, but the factory programming on ForgeFPGA eliminates the cost and logistics of programming, and adds custom part numbering at no additional cost.

The structure of the SLG47910V ForgeFPGA features an advanced 6-input 2-output look-up table (LUT). There is also a unique power-gating structure which enables the ultra-low sleep current.

The key performance advantages of the ForgeFPGA can benefit glue logic, protocol conversion and data aggregation and pipelining applications, particularly where there is highly-parallelized digital logic and the combining of sensor data.

To enable high-volume applications to accelerate ForgeFPGA, the software is easy to use and license-free with the Go Configureā„¢ Software Hub.

Request the free ForgeFPGA development kit now by clicking the link