The OPTIGA™ Trust M IoT Security Development Kit is the easiest way to develop and evaluate end-to-end security use cases for IoT devices. The kit enables designers to build prototypes of security applications and build full-featured IoT applications. The board includes:

  • OPTIGA Trust M security solution
  • PSoC™ 62, an Arm® Cortex®-M4/Cortex-M0+-based microcontroller
  • AIROC™ CYW43012, a low-power system-on-chip which supports dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® 5.0 networking

This development board is supplied with two ready-to-use security use cases:

  • Secured communication with AWS over MQTT using cryptography support from the OPTIGA Trust M
  • Secure, zero-touch cloud provisioning using a CIRRENT™ Cloud ID and the pre-provisioned X.509 certificate delivered with the OPTIGA Trust M

The kit is supported by the ModusToolbox™ design tool. The OPTIGA Trust M host library is available as open source code.



The RGB LED lighting shield is compatible with Arduino as well as Infineon’s XMC1100 boot kit. It is easily configurable for various LED light engines and lamps, allowing for fast prototyping and cheap evaluation of LED lighting designs. 

The RGB LED lighting shield based on the XMC1302 microcontroller uses a dc-dc buck converter topology, and can drive up to three LED channels with a constant current. The shield’s XMC1302 MCU features an embedded brightness color control unit (BCCU) for flicker-free LED dimming and color control. 

The BCCU enables low-cost but high-quality LED lighting solutions, with minimal need for code generation. The RGB LED lighting shield also provides options for the evaluation of smooth, eye-friendly dimming and color mixing for various topologies


EZ-PD™ PMG1-B1 is USB-C PD controller + buck-boost controller + battery charger + MCU + individual cell monitoring and protection in a single chip.


Embedded Artists provides a modular and flexible approach to the evaluation of Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® solutions, enabling designers to judge the trade-offs between performance, cost, power consumption, and longevity. The Embedded Artists 1LV M.2 Module board is intended for development with the Murata Type 1LV module, which is based on the Infineon CYW43012 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth system-on-chip, and requires an M.2 connector and host processor for full evaluation. 

 The Embedded Artists board provides access to maintained software drivers for the Linux® operating system and Infineon WICED firmware. The kit has been developed in close collaboration with Murata and Infineon.

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