Integrated motor driver IC provides complete power solution for BLDC motors

The Monolithic Power Systems MPQ6541 supplies a continuous current to the motor of up to 8 A. Reliable operation is assured by a comprehensive array of protection functions.

Monolithic Power Systems

The EVQ1923-RE-00A evaluation board demonstrates the capabilities of the MPQ1923-AEC1, a high-frequency half-bridge gate driver that has a voltage rating of 100 V. The MPQ1923-AEC1 is intended for use in motor drivers, and in other power-control applications in telecoms servers, and avionics and industrial equipment. 

The EVQ1923-RE-00A is configured as a buck converter.

Automotive-qualified 100 V half-bridge gate driver features on-chip bootstrap diode

The MPQ1923-AEC1 from Monolithic Power Systems, a 100 V automotive-grade half-bridge gate driver for N-channel MOSFETs, features short rise and fall times to support high-frequency switching.

Compact boost converter helps extend battery run-time in wearable and portable devices

The Monolithic Power Systems MP28600’s ultra-low quiescent current and constant off-time control technology keep power losses to a minimum and offer efficient conversion in light-load conditions.

Isolated 0.6 W dc-dc converter module features excellent load and line regulation

The MID06W0503A from Monolithic Power Systems provides isolation of 3 kV for point-of-load power supplies which need power up to 0.6 W, and operates from an input-voltage range between 4.5 V and 5.5 V.

Monolithic Power Systems

The EV06W0503A-3-Y-00A is an evaluation board designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the MID06W0503A-3, a semi-regulated, isolated DC/DC converter. The MID06W0503A-3 supports a 3kVDC isolation voltage.