The RZ/T2L evaluation kit features an on-board debugger, making it possible to evaluate the microprocessor without an external in-circuit emulator when used in combination with the Renesas e2 studio development tool.

New MPU with on-chip EtherCAT communication enables accurate, real-time industrial control

Products such as robots, ac servo drives and inverters can benefit from the reliable, deterministic processing of the RZ/T2L microprocessor from Renesas, which features an 800 MHz CPU and 576 kbytes of RAM.

Module based on Bluetooth LE MCU provides fast way to implement connected motor-control designs

The AIROC CYBLE-416045-02 wireless module from Infineon is based on the PSoC 63, a dual-core 32-bit microcontroller with integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy radio.

Low-power 16-bit MCUs with tiny 8-pin package option provide feature-rich alternative to 8-bit MCUs

Versatile new RL78/G15 microcontrollers from Renesas are based on proven RL78 core running at 16 MHz. Renesas has extended the low-power RL78 family of general-purpose 16-bit microcontrollers with new parts in small package sizes suitable for use in applications that would previously have used an 8-bit MCU.

New RISC-V-based MPU provides fast interfaces for high-performance gateway applications

Renesas has introduced a microprocessor option for developers who want to base new designs on the RISC-V instruction set architecture.

The Renesas RZ/Five has a 1 GHz RISC-V core and a generous set of communications interfaces and security capabilities.

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