A Foundation for Power-Efficient Industrial Edge Applications

The industrial edge has become the standard for industrial automation requirements, which necessitates customizability and flexibility in all aspects of development and deployment. The PolarFireĀ® family of SoCs and FPGAs is a wise choice for industrial edge applications because it is designed to meet the specific needs of these implementations.

It is the most power-efficient, reliable, and secure platform for real-time data processing. Microchip’s PolarFire family of FPGAs and SoC FPGAs use significantly less power than competing products due to their non-volatile process and lower leakage and can operate in fan-less enclosures, enabling power-efficient operation in space-constrained applications. They are also well-suited for SEU immune, High-reliability applications and are inherently protected from configuration upsets. These devices prioritize security through a cryptographically secured supply chain and industry-leading anti-tamper features ā€“ indispensable for robust security at the edge.

The PolarFire SoC includes a comprehensive edge stack with quickly demonstrable solutions for key industrial edge applications, such as OPC UA, motion control, ROS 2.0, smart embedded vision, and AI/ML acceleration. The PolarFire family of Ā SoC FPGAs can therefore be a foundational building block for key industrial edge applications such as robotics, low-power medical imaging, process control and automation, industrial image processing and analytics, multi-axis motion control, and video broadcast equipment.

Keeping industrial projects running smoothly often requires parts with a long lifespan. Microchip addresses this concern with its non-obsolescence program, guaranteeing the availability of PolarFire FPGAs for the next two decades. This ensures your equipment keeps functioning reliably for years to come.

Request a free board to evaluate the Microchip PolarFire FPGAs:

M2S-HELLO-FPGA-KIT : compact-sized, entry-level platform

MPFS-DISCO-KIT : PolarFire SoC Discovery Kit