The SAM9X60 Curiosity Development Board is based on the SAM9X60D1G SiP high-performance, low-power ARM926EJ-S CPU-based embedded microprocessor (MPU) running at 600MHz.


The EVL62XX-MAIN expansion board hosts small EVL62XX-PLUG plug-in boards, enabling the quick and easy evaluation of members of the L62 family of drivers for brushed dc and stepper motors. The EVL62XX-MAIN is compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 connector.


It handles the USB PD negotiation with a source to enable one or more charging paths. LEDs report power availability on each of the four available outputs. The USB PD sink port is pre-configured with three different power data objects (PDOs) to address a broad range of applications at 5 V, 15 V or 20 V. PDOs can easily be customized with a graphical user interface tool.

Power Integrations

Part supported: INN3074M (InnoSwitch3-TN)
Reference design part number: RDR-710

RDR-710 is a reference design report for a 12 W dual-output open-frame power supply for appliances.


The kit includes:
X-NUCLEO-53L5A1 expansion board for the VL53L5CX
STM32F401RE Nucleo microcontroller board
0.25 mm, 0.5 mm, and 1 mm height spacers to simulate air gaps
Cover window to protect the sensor from dust

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