EZ-PD™ PMG1-B1 is USB-C PD controller + buck-boost controller + battery charger + MCU + individual cell monitoring and protection in a single chip.

Complete cloud security solution protects IoT devices from cyber-attack

The OPTIGA™ Trust M from Infineon combines a compact hardware security module with comprehensive cryptography and other software to provide strong protection for cloud-connected devices.

Combined Wi-Fi/Bluetooth radio chip offers very low power consumption

The AIROC CYW43012 SoC from Infineon is ideal for use in battery-powered products such as wireless IoT sensor nodes. The Murata Type 1LV module provides an easy way to implement the CYW43012 in end-product designs.


Embedded Artists provides a modular and flexible approach to the evaluation of Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® solutions, enabling designers to judge the trade-offs between performance, cost, power consumption, and longevity. The Embedded Artists 1LV M.2 Module board is intended for development with the Murata Type 1LV module, which is based on the Infineon CYW43012 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth system-on-chip, and requires an M.2 connector and host processor for full evaluation. 

 The Embedded Artists board provides access to maintained software drivers for the Linux® operating system and Infineon WICED firmware. The kit has been developed in close collaboration with Murata and Infineon.


This evaluation kit provides a test platform for Infineon’s single-channel non-isolated gate driver IC with truly differential inputs EiceDRIVER™ 1EDN7550B in SOT-23 6pin package.


This evaluation board is intended to show the strengths of the EiceDRIVER™ 1EDN TDI (1EDN8550B or 1EDN7550B), family of single-channel low-side gate drivers with innovative truly differential inputs (TDI) concept.

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