Fully programmable motor controller combines MCU with gate driver IC in a single package

The IMD700A motor controller from Infineon enables designers to implement compact BLDC motor or PMSM control systems with fewer components, and supporting operation from a battery power supply.


The Infineon EVAL_IMD700A_FOC_3SH board, featuring a microcontroller, configurable gate driver, on-board power supplies and circuit protection functions, is capable of driving a motor rated for up to 300 W using sensorless field-oriented control (FOC). The EVAL_IMD700A_FOC_3SH is based on the MOTIXā„¢ IMD701A fully programmable motor controller, which combines an XMC1404 MCU with a 6EDL7141 three-phase gate driver IC in a single package, driving 3 mm x 3 mm OptiMOSā„¢ 6 40 V/1.5 mā„¦ external power MOSFETs.

Ā The board supports the development of battery-operated products that use a brushless dc or permanent magnet synchronous motor. This motor controller solution is notable for its high efficiency, small size, and low component count.Ā Ā 

Ā The EVAL_IMD700A_FOC_3SH can operate independently or with an Infineon motor control GUI. It operates at up to 300 W with no heat-sink required.



The PSoCā„¢ 6-BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-BLE) from Infineon enables development with and debug of PSoCā„¢ 63 microcontroller with integrated BluetoothĀ® Low Energy radio.


EVAL-S25HL512T also referred to as the SEMPER S25HL512T memory module, is a low cost PMOD compatible memory module which integrates a 512Mb 3.3V SEMPERā„¢ NOR Flash memory (S25HL512T). This memory module enables quick and easy integration of theĀ SEMPERā„¢ NOR FlashĀ into any development kit.

43 W flyback converter reference design board helps accelerate design of LED drivers

Infineon has released a reference design board which provides a ready-to-use blueprint for a 43 W flyback converter producing a constant-voltage output in two-stage LED drivers. The board is based on the Infineon ICL8820 single-stage flyback converter controller.