This evaluation kit provides a test platform for Infineon’s single-channel non-isolated gate driver IC with truly differential inputsĀ EiceDRIVERā„¢Ā 1EDN7550BĀ in SOT-23 6pin package.


This evaluation board is intended to show the strengths of the EiceDRIVERā„¢ 1EDN TDI (1EDN8550B or 1EDN7550B), family of single-channel low-side gate drivers with innovative truly differential inputs (TDI) concept.

100 V MOSFET provides wide SOA and low on-resistance for use in PoE applications

The ISZ113N10NM5LF from Infineon provides the robust performance required in power sourcing equipment (PSE) for reliably powering connected powered devices.

USB 3.0 peripheral controller provides ready-made bridge to high-speed components

The Infineon EZ-USBā„¢ FX3 is a portfolio of USB 5 Gbps peripheral controllers which provides a programmable interface to devices such as processors and image sensors on one side, and a PC on the other.

New MCUs offer increased performance and more memory for industrial applications

The XMC7000 MCUs from Infineon, with multi-core architecture, provide a rich set of communications interfaces and analog functions. System operation is supported by robust hardware security capabilities.


The CYUSB3KIT-003 EZ-USBā„¢ FX3 SuperSpeed explorer kit is an easy-to-use development platform which enables developers to add USB 3.0 device functionality to any system. The kit helps engineers to develop solutions based on the CYUSB301x family of EZ-USB FX3 USB 3.0 peripheral controllers.