Modular boards make evaluation of STM32MP1 microprocessors quicker and easier than ever

STMicroelectronicsā€™ STM32MP1 series of microprocessors is winning acclaim because of its unusual combination of a competitive price and attractive set of features. It is rare to find a device that has a unit cost similar to that of some high-end 32-bit microcontrollers, but that can run the LinuxĀ® operating system and support features such as a dedicated LCD-TFT parallel display interface, a 16-bit parallel camera interface, and dual Ethernet ports.

Relatively new to the market, the STM32MP1 series is attracting interest from embedded developers who want to explore its capabilities for applications such as IoT gateways, access control systems that can operate without a video codec, industrial and medical human-machine interfaces, and industrial automation equipment.

Now evaluation and prototype development has been made much quicker and easier with the release of two new modular products that support the STM32MP1.

The iW-RainboW-G54M family from iWave is a system-on-module (SOM) that marries an STM32MP135 microprocessor with a power management IC (PMIC), DRAM and Flash memory, and a comprehensive set of high-speed interfaces on a tiny LGA PCB. This SOM is supplied in an Open Standard Moduleā„¢ (OSM) form factor specified by SGET, the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies. The iWave module complies with the specifications of the OSM Size 0 form factor, with a footprint of just 30mm x 15mm ā€“ a Size S version is also available with more I/Os in a footprint of 30mm x 30mm. The processor is supported by STā€™s OpenSTLinux Linux distribution.

The smallest iWave SOM provides a ready-made implementation of the STM32MP135 in a credit card-sized board. To support application development, the iWave SOMs can be mounted on a new carrier board, produced by Future Electronicsā€™ Centre of Excellence, for OSM modules. The carrier board enables developers to swap different OSM modules in and out, and test their operation in an application environment: the carrier board includes a mikroBUSā„¢ standard connector for attaching any sensor or other module that is compatible with the Click boardsā„¢ specification from Mikroe.

With an off-the-shelf, application-ready platform for evaluation and development based on the iWave SOM and the Future Electronics carrier board now available, it has never been easier to explore the features and capabilities of the STM32MP1 series.

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