New PLECS model generator dramatically accelerates power-system simulation

Accurate system-level simulation of complex power electronics systems is essential if engineers are to realize a right-first-time design that meets the application’s requirements. Until now, SPICE modeling has been the choice for designers who need to accurately simulate the behavior of power components such as MOSFETs and diodes in the real-world conditions of an application.

But complex SPICE models take a very long time to simulate. For example, a 6-pack boost active front end simulation schematic can run for 2 days to simulate 5-line cycles. This limits the designer’s scope to evaluate components and experiment with alternative circuit designs.

Now onsemi has introduced an industry-first rapid simulation tool which produces accurate, real-world model outputs in as little as a minute, compared to the several hours required for a full SPICE simulation.

The new onsemi Self-Service PLECS Model Generator (SSPMG) provides a more accurate and reliable platform for modeling device characteristics such as switching and conduction losses than the datasheet, because it can be tailored by the user to their application conditions. This means that the model reflects the actual behavior including external parasitic influences on losses, junction temperature and other features found in the application, rather than the laboratory conditions applied in the product datasheet.

What’s more, the Self-Service PLECS Model Generator reflects the range of characteristics of production units that will actually be shipped to the customer, producing corner models which are valid at typical and corner conditions for the product. This enables users to track the performance of their application in the worst-, nominal-, and best-case conditions for conduction and switching energy losses across a population of production units.

The third important feature is that this tool is valid for hard-switching as well as for soft-switching topologies. It can be used with a wide range of topologies including LLC dc-dc converters, CLLC resonant, dual active bridge, and phase-shifted full bridge.

The outputs from the Self-Service PLECS Model Generator can be exported to the user’s simulation platform. onsemi also provides a seamless interface between the generator and the Elite Power Simulator.

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