New partnership with Paxton opens up rapid access to product and compliance testing services at Brighton EMC.

Access to lab space at trusted providers of product and compliance testing services is scarce. Product manufacturers are often faced with waiting three or more months for a slot at a certified laboratory to conduct EMC, environmental, or RF tests. Delay in obtaining test results can severely disrupt manufacturers’ go-to-market plans and makes it more difficult to hit their targets for product launch dates, as well as compromise efforts to achieve reliability and design quality standards.

That’s why Future Electronics has partnered with Paxton and their test facility, Brighton EMC, a UK-based certified test facility. Through Future Electronics, manufacturers can make advance bookings for access to the Brighton EMC with a lead time of four weeks or less. The Paxton labs, which are accredited by the UK standards agency UKAS, offer a range of test facilities, including:

  • EMC testing – radiated and conducted emissions and immunity testing
  • ESD and power quality testing
  • Temperature and accelerated lifetime testing
  • Humidity testing

The Brighton EMC test service is backed by a strong team of experienced test engineers. They help users to operate equipment, design test routines and set-ups, and troubleshoot problems encountered during the implementation of a test programme.

Like the Centres of Excellence and other engineering services offered by Future Electronics, the partnership with Paxton’s test facility Brighton EMC helps manufacturing customers to succeed in a competitive marketplace, enabling your development and production capabilities to flourish. Wherever possible, Future Electronics removes the obstacles standing in the way of manufacturers’ achievement of their goals. Accelerated access to Brighton EMC labs helps to ensure that compliance and product testing can be completed in good time, and to keep new product introductions on schedule.