Radar supports hundreds of new uses in consumer devices.

Watch the new Infineon webinar to learn more.

Radar sensing for distance and velocity measurement has a decades-long history of use in aerospace and automotive applications.

But is it a technology for consumer devices? This is the question addressed by a new webinar presented by radar engineers from Infineon.

Their message is that 24GHz and 60GHz XENSIV™ radar chips offer unique and valuable features, and are worth considering as alternatives to technologies such as pyroelectric infrared (PIR) or time-of-flight optical sensors for functions such as proximity sensing, presence detection and gesture sensing.

There is increasing interest in the use of presence detection sensors in home and building automation, lighting, smart cities and smart devices such as laptop computers and tablets. The most common use case is for power saving: automatically putting a device into sleep mode when a user is not present.

But the use of XENSIV radar chips allows the designer to implement more functions than other sensor types can support, such as gesture sensing – because the radar sensor can detect the direction and range of movements of less than a millimeter – and anonymous people tracking – because radar detects the velocity and angle of motion.

The Infineon webinar not only describes the wide range of use cases for 24GHz and 60GHz radar: it also addresses the common questions that design engineers raise when considering implementing radar technology for the first time. The simplest motion detection technology to implement is generally considered to be PIR sensing, but in the webinar the Infineon engineers demystify radar, explaining how its XENSIV chips are backed by developer resources including:

  • A 60GHz demonstration kit, the DEMOBGT60LTR11AIPTOBO1
  • A radar development kit, which includes example code for sample use cases in C, Matlab and Python
  • An integrated development tool, the ModusToolbox™ software
  • Reference designs, including the SP005636053
  • Sensor DSP software, including embedded radar middleware

The webinar offers a clear and easy-to-understand introduction to the uses of XENSIV radar chips in a wide range of consumer use cases.  Watch the Radar Technology Webinar today, and apply for boards including the DEMOBGT60LTR11AIPTOBO1 demonstration kit at the FTM Board Club.