Small, fast and robust:
The space-saving alternative to RJ-45 connectors for high-speed industrial networks

Data is the fuel of industrial productivity. And to transfer data fast and reliably, industrial equipment makers can choose from many standard communications protocols, of which the best known is Ethernet.

When designing the networking system for products such as factory automation equipment or robots, however, engineers are faced with a challenge: how to fit an RJ-45 plug and receptacle – the familiar, standard connector type for Ethernet connections in a PC or server – into a design in which space is limited?

The answer is to think differently: RJ-45 is not the only standard-compliant connector for high-speed industrial networking.

A compact alternative from Hirose provides a robust, high-speed interface suitable for industrial, medical and transportation applications. The ix Industrial connector series saves space: the receptacle’s volume is 75% less than that of an RJ-45 connector. And the ix Industrial has a mounting pitch of just 10mm for dense board layouts.

The ix Industrial connector is also fast: compliant with the IEEE 61076-3-124 standard, it is compatible with Cat 6A cabling and has a 10Gbits/s maximum signalling rate.

And it is robust: a full stainless steel metal shell on the receptacle gives high EMI immunity for excellent signal integrity. The strong through-hole mounting configuration provides for strong board retention and high resistance to shock and vibration. Surface-mount pin connections support automated assembly operations.

The ix Industrial series gives designers the flexibility to fit the connectors to the requirements of their design. Receptacles are supplied in upright right-angle, horizontal right-angle and vertical configurations, and the plugs can be straight or right-angled. An in-line jack helps to save even more space.

The ix Industrial connectors are ideal for Ethernet networks, and are also compatible with various other communications protocols, including Profinet. So in any industrial equipment design in which space is at a premium and high-speed data transfer is required, look beyond RJ-45 to the ix Industrial communications technology from Hirose.

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