Bluetooth Low Energy wireless MCUs from ST now with BLE 5.3

STMicroelectronics has enjoyed great success with its STM32WB series of highly integrated Bluetooth® microcontrollers. So, there is sure to be much interest from electronics designers in the latest products in the series, the STM32WBA52 or STM32WBAx2 devices.

This launch makes an already impressive product even better, thanks to updated 2.4 GHz wireless functionality and even more security features. To start with, the STM32WBA52 implements the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 protocol. Of course, Bluetooth has for many years been the universal standard for short-range connectivity between personal devices, but today the technology does so much more. It extends the connectivity range thanks to long-range features and incorporates low-power functionality such as a low-power background autonomous mode (LPBAM). Together, these features promise longer battery life.

 The security upgrade includes AES and PKA cryptography, and high immunity to differential power analysis, a type of side-channel attack that can indirectly uncover logical secrets such as private keys. Based on the security-optimized Arm® Cortex®-M33 processor core running at 100 MHz, the STM32WBA52 makes the most of the advanced security capabilities provided by Arm, including its TrustZone technology, which provides partitioned hardware for safely running trusted devices and applications.

The product security architecture is leading to MCUs system being able to protect not only keys but data and IP as well.

You can get started straight away with evaluation and prototyping using a dedicated ST board. Contact Future Electronics for the NUCLEO-WBA52CG board.

Time spent with this board will show that the latest in Bluetooth and security technology gives the STM32WBA5 MCU extra appeal. So, it’s worth noting that earlier members of ST’s STM32WB series are readily available from Future Electronics, such as the STM32WB55.

Coming as new generation of product, the STM32WBA52 complements the existing STM32WB portfolio to support Bluetooth LE applications with its performances and higher security protection level, wherever multiprotocol requirements are done to go with Bluetooth LE, Zigbee or Thread, the STM32WB is there to serve the market.

Future Electronics supplies Nucleo boards for development with this new product as well as for the STM32WB5 MCUs.

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