The Infineon EVAL_IMD700A_FOC_3SH board, featuring a microcontroller, configurable gate driver, on-board power supplies and circuit protection functions, is capable of driving a motor rated for up to 300 W using sensorless field-oriented control (FOC). The EVAL_IMD700A_FOC_3SH is based on the MOTIX™ IMD701A fully programmable motor controller, which combines an XMC1404 MCU with a 6EDL7141 three-phase gate driver IC in a single package, driving 3 mm x 3 mm OptiMOS™ 6 40 V/1.5 mΩ external power MOSFETs.

 The board supports the development of battery-operated products that use a brushless dc or permanent magnet synchronous motor. This motor controller solution is notable for its high efficiency, small size, and low component count.  

 The EVAL_IMD700A_FOC_3SH can operate independently or with an Infineon motor control GUI. It operates at up to 300 W with no heat-sink required.


Monolithic Power Systems

The EVQ1923-RE-00A evaluation board demonstrates the capabilities of the MPQ1923-AEC1, a high-frequency half-bridge gate driver that has a voltage rating of 100 V. The MPQ1923-AEC1 is intended for use in motor drivers, and in other power-control applications in telecoms servers, and avionics and industrial equipment. 

The EVQ1923-RE-00A is configured as a buck converter.


The EVALSTDRIVE101 is a demonstration board based on the STDRIVE101, a three-phase gate driver, and STL110N10F7 power MOSFETs. The board drives three-phase brushless dc motors. It can be interfaced with various STM32 microcontrollers through a motor control connector.


The ecoSpin™ ECS640A Motor Control Development Kit enables designers to easily develop code for offline variable-speed brushless dc (BLDC) motor systems with power ratings from 50 W to 600 W at 230 V ac. The board can also be configured for power loads up to 150 W powered by 120 V ac mains supplies.


The EVSPIN32F0601S3 motor control board is fully compatible with ST’s X-CUBE-MCSDK motor-control software development kit. These tools simplify development of drives which implement single- or three-shunt control.


In the STR−NCS32100−GEVK evaluation kit, the NCS32100 is connected to a fully functional inductive rotary sensor board capable of sensing position with an accuracy of <±50 arcsec. The board can be connected to a computer running the onsemi Strata application, which provides a user interface for viewing position and velocity data, as well as a number of other auxiliary features.