The EVSPIN32F0601S3 motor control board is fully compatible with ST’s X-CUBE-MCSDK motor-control software development kit. These tools simplify development of drives which implement single- or three-shunt control.


The expansion board is designed to be stacked on top of any STM32 Nucleo-64 development board exploiting the characteristics of the USB Type-C and Power Delivery (UCPD) peripheral embedded in their microcontrollers.

Also available:

TCPP03 Dual Role protection

TCPP02 Source protection



The EVL4986-350W evaluation board, based on the new L4986 continuous conduction mode power factor controller, implements a 350 W wide-range input PFC pre-regulator.

Monolithic Power Systems

The EV06W0503A-3-Y-00A is an evaluation board designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the MID06W0503A-3, a semi-regulated, isolated DC/DC converter. The MID06W0503A-3 supports a 3 kVDC isolation voltage.


The RL78/G15 Fast Prototyping Board is an evaluation board based on the RL78/G15 microcontroller and is specifically designed for prototyping various applications.