Hardware security module offers easy way to securely deploy IoT devices to cloud at scale

Infineon has combined the OPTIGA Trust M Express with its cloud services for registering and provisioning IoT devices to provide a complete, off-the-shelf solution for securing the cloud connections of an entire fleet of products.

Secure element provides certified solution for asset identification and brand protection

The STMicroelectronics STSAFE-A110 implements a rich set of security functions to provide strong protection for secure keys, a unique identification and X.509 certificates. ST supports customers with secure provisioning of STSAFE devices.

New general-purpose CoB LEDs compatible with common optics and other components

With the launch of the LUXEON CS CoB LED series, Lumileds now supports all three of the CoB board footprints that are widely used by the lighting industry.

Crystal oscillators with ultra low-jitter enable accurate timing in high-performance computing and communications

UF series oscillators from Diodes Incorporated provide clean frequency outputs up to 212.5 MHz, ideal for systems transferring signals over high-speed interfaces such as PCIe 5.0.

Low-profile wire-to-board connectors ideal for space-constrained designs

DF58 series connectors from Hirose offer a current rating of up to 3 A for use in power-supply circuits. They provide highly reliable mating operations and secure connections.

Bidirectional topologies for fast charging of EVs: options to optimize for size, power, cost or simplicity

By Riccardo Collura
EMEA Vertical Segment Manager (Power), Future Electronics

Read this to find out about:Ā 

  • Why new dc charger designs have to contend with the challenges of power density and thermal management
  • The advantages and drawbacks of various topologies for implementing the PFC and dc-dc converter stagesĀ 
  • How reference designs from SiC MOSFET manufacturers provide a fast start for power-system designers who are developing new dc charger designs

MCU features crypto accelerator and on-board keys to enhance security of connected devices

Dual-core STM32H757 MCU from STMicroelectronics sets new benchmarks for performance from embedded Flash memory. A graphics accelerator is a powerful feature in sophisticated human-machine interfaces.

MCUs based on Arm Cortex-M33 core offer advanced security features for industrial and IoT applications

RA4M2 Group microcontrollers from Renesas extend the security features of the ArmĀ® CortexĀ®-M33 core, including TrustZoneĀ® secure partitioning, adding a cryptography engine, key management, tamper detection and more.

6 W isolated dc-dc converters operate reliably in harsh environments

CUI Inc PQDE6W-U power converters, in a rugged U-frame package, support an industrial operating-temperature range, making them ideal for use in harsh environments, and with a wide set of input- and output-voltage options.

6 A relay with ultra-low profile enables designers to shrink safety modules

The SF-M relay from Panasonic is ideal for safety applications in motor-control systems or extension modules. The relay complies with the specifications of the IEC 61810-3 standard for relays with forcibly guided contacts.

How the latest generation of 1,200 V IGBTs raises energy efficiency to a new level

By Hunter Freberg
Technical Marketing Engineer, onsemi

Launch of authentication devices enhances security of cost-sensitive applications

Microchip has introduced six new secure authentication ICs which protect host devices against the risk of counterfeiting, and help to safeguard product users and their data. Competitive costs make these products suitable even for use in disposable products.

New MCU boosts performance and security in next-generation smart applications

The STM32H563 MCU from STMicroelectronics, which features a 250 MHz ArmĀ® CortexĀ®-M33 core, features the STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager, a service that makes it easier to implement strong security in connected devices.

Current-limit switches provide comprehensive circuit protection

Vishay SiP32433A/B and SiP32434A/B load switches provide settable limits for over- and under-voltage protection, and block voltage surges and inrush currents over a wide input-voltage range, with either latch off or auto-retry.

New 1 W and 0.5 W-rated dc-dc converters extend appeal of modules in SOIC-16 package

RECOM R05C05TE05S and R05CT05S-R dc-dc converter modules are ideal for applications that operate in light-load mode. Manufacturers will also appreciate the convertersā€™ low EMI and attractive cost.

New metal inductors provide higher-specification alternative to ferrites

The LSDP family of wirewound metal inductors from TAIYO YUDEN provides power-system designers with a simple way to reduce dc resistance and increase current without occupying more board space.

Bluetooth Low Energy MCU provides integrated solution for smart connected devices

The RSL15 BluetoothĀ® Low Energy MCU from onsemi protects connected devices with a comprehensive set of advanced security functions including TrustZoneĀ® support and root-of-trust.

Robust NOR Flash memory provides secure storage for embedded systems

The SEMPERā„¢ family of NOR Flash memory products from Infineon supports functional safety applications, and gives confidence that sensitive code and data will be stored safely and securely over guaranteed periods up to 25 years.

Dual-core microprocessor executes multiple crypto functions at high speed

STMicroelectronics supports the STM32MP157F with a wide range of Linux software and AI development resources. Software expansion packages from ST support applications such as computer vision and predictive maintenance.

Energy-harvesting PMIC provides complete power solution for low-voltage devices

The Nexperia NEH2000BY includes software for maximizing the power harvested from photovoltaic cells. Fully integrated including a boost dc-dc converter, the NEH2000BY simplifies the design of energy-harvesting systems, and saves space and BoM cost.

Compact new load switch provides comprehensive protection functions

The Littelfuse LS0504EDD12 load switch has low on-resistance and low shut-down current, making it ideal for use in battery-powered systems such as wearable devices and wireless headsets.

32-bit MCUs feature advanced security capabilities for IoT devices

Renesas RA6M5 Group microcontrollers, which can operate as a secure element, support applications that require secure over-the-air updating thanks to their cryptography accelerators, resistance to cyber-attack, and memory block-swap feature.

Security framework for STM32 MCUs and MPUs for protecting embedded devices

STM32Trust platform from STMicroelectronics provides hardware products, software projects, tools and training to enable OEMs to build strong security into connected products, from design through production to onboarding with popular cloud computing services.

Coming Soon: New Bluetooth Low Energy module provides strong set of security protection features

Highly integrated PAN1783 wireless module from Panasonic guards the integrity of code, data and privacy with cryptographic hardware, secure hardware partitioning, secure key storage, and a root-of-trust.

Optically isolated MOSFET gate driver features fast turn-off circuit

Compact VOMDA1271 from Vishay is easy to integrate into high-voltage automotive applications such as electric vehicle battery management systems while maintaining high isolation. The driver can be controlled directly by a microcontroller.

USB Type-C connectors provide robust operation and long-term reliability

Global Connector Technology produces various USB Type-CĀ® connectors that are rated for 20,000 mating cycles. The family includes products that support the new 240 W capability in the USB Power Delivery standard.