Embedded software package for STM32MP1 MPUs accelerates Linux OS deployment

STM32MP1Starter package for the STM32MP1 microprocessors from STMicroelectronics provides a comprehensive board support package that is paired with evaluation boards. ST’s ready-made Linux® distribution is backed by firmware examples and a programming tool.

Bidirectional current monitors support accurate high- and low-side current measurement

Diodes Incorporated ZXCT21x current monitoring sensors minimize power losses and provide highly stable operation over a wide temperature range, giving accurate measurements in motors and power supplies.

High-voltage dc-dc converters ideal for auxiliary power supplies in solar power generation equipment

The AE series from CUI Inc provides an off-the-shelf solution to the challenge of powering auxiliary monitoring and control systems in photovoltaic power systems operating at up to 1,500 V.

Secure element family provides certified solution for asset identification and brand protection

The STMicroelectronics STSAFE-A110 implements a rich set of security functions to provide strong protection for secure keys, a unique identification and X.509 certificates. ST supports OEMs with secure provisioning of STSAFE devices.

Near infrared imaging: new 3D sensing technology lowers cost and simplifies hardware architecture

By Abhishek Gadgi
EMEA Specialist Field Application Engineer (Imaging Solutions), Future Electronics

 Read this to find out about: 

  • The uses for NIR imaging in industrial applications
  • The range of techniques used to generate 3D images in the NIR spectrum
  • The latest emitter and sensor products for NIR applications available from specialist manufacturer ams OSRAM

Industrial MCUs offer robust combination of security, high performance and peripherals

The XMC7000 MCUs from Infineon, which are based on a multi-core architecture, provide a rich set of communications interfaces and analog functions. System operation is supported by robust hardware security capabilities.

Six-axis motion sensor features internal AI processing unit

The STMicroelectronics ISM330IS motion sensor combines an accelerometer and gyroscope in a single small package. The internal AI processor runs algorithms at the edge, reducing the burden on the host processor.

Compact connectors offer secure connection and easy unmating

The Hirose DF40 series of connectors, available in board-to-board and FPC-to-board configurations, supports high-speed applications with a 10 Gbits/s data rate and conformity to USB4® v2.0 specifications.

Power inductors offer low resistance and high current capability

Monolithic Power Systems supplies families of power inductors with inductance values, dc and ac resistance and saturation current ratings that are ideal for power-system designs based on the company’s IC products.

800 V depletion-mode MOSFET in modified SOT-223 package provides extra creepage distance

The new CPC3981Z from Littelfuse provides a compact solution for high-voltage power circuits that require extra drain-gate pin spacing. The longer creepage helps to save cost and simplify board layouts.

Low-cost microprocessor protected by broad set of security functions

The STM32MP131 MPU from STMicroelectronics, part of the STM32MP1 family of low-cost processors, provides a secure hardware platform for basic Linux® distributions as well as RTOSs.

New Bluetooth LE module consumes low power in IoT applications

The Type 2EG module from Murata includes all the functions required for secure wireless communication, including an on-board antenna, matching network, power supply, and timing devices, simplifying IoT system development.

Compact sensor module provides reliable proximity detection in consumer devices

The ROHM Semiconductor RPR-0720 infrared module can detect the presence of objects at a range of up to 15 mm. An on-chip I2C interface makes the sensor controllable by any microcontroller.

Signal relay offers space and power savings

The fifth generation of the HFD signal relays from Hongfa has a small board footprint, and features low coil holding power, providing advantages in industrial, medical and telecoms applications.

Compact 60 V, 100 V and 150 V rectifiers feature high current ratings

New TMBS® rectifiers from Vishay, including the VxNL63 series, have a low profile, save space and improve thermal performance and efficiency in many types of power circuit.

Launch of industry’s first low pin-count MCUs to include I3C support

The PIC18-Q20 8-bit microcontrollers from Microchip occupy little board space, and easily interface with devices operating in multiple voltage domains. The built-in I3C® interface supports higher-speed and lower-power data transfers than I2C.

New polymer capacitors provide long lifetime and low ESR

Panasonic has added to the SP-Cap family of conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors, extending the designer’s choice of reliable devices that can withstand high temperature and high humidity.

Serial page EEPROM offers low power consumption in data-logging applications

The M95P08-I and M95P08-E EEPROM from STMicroelectronics provide flexible options for writing and storing data in applications that require very fast write times and non-volatile storage capability.

European wall-plug adapter provides ready-made power solution for USB PD 3.0 devices

The 20 W SWI20C-E from CUI Inc complies with international safety standards, and provides built-in protection against electrical faults, making it ideal for use in consumer products such as tablets and smartphones.

Integrated regulator modules simplify design of point-of-load power supplies

The Monolithic Power Systems MPM38x4 family of step-down switching converter modules only requires a small number of standard external components. Variants are available with maximum output current values from 0.6 A to 6 A.

New Arm Cortex-M85-based devices bridge gap between MCUs and MPUs

The Renesas RA8 series microcontrollers feature Arm® Helium™ technology which boosts the performance of DSP functions and of AI and machine learning algorithms. A rich set of security features includes cryptographic acceleration and secure boot.

New wireless MCU eases development of smaller, more efficient smart Bluetooth devices

The STM32WB09 Bluetooth® wireless microcontroller supports the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 specification, enabling designers to implement advanced features such as real-time location finding and indoor positioning.

Low power consumption makes new proximity sensor ideal for battery-powered consumer devices

The VCNL36828P sensor module from Vishay implements a complete proximity sensing system which detects objects at a range of up to 200 mm. The module saves both space and power in products such as earbuds.

Innovative eFuse charger IC protects supercapacitor back-up power storage devices

The LS0502SCD33 from Littelfuse provides an integrated, high-voltage solution for charging and protecting supercapacitors used to back-up battery power supplies in handheld and portable devices.

Antenna band-switching evaluation board speeds time to market for IoT and handheld devices

The 1004795-EC646-01 antenna band switching evaluation board from Kyocera AVX provides an easy way to evaluate an antenna for cellular and low-power wide-area networks at frequencies up to 2.17 GHz.