Dual-core microprocessor executes real-time operations at low power

STMicroelectronics supports the STM32MP157F with a wide range of Linux®, security, software and AI development resources.

The STM32MP157F multi-core microprocessor from STMicroelectronics features high-performance computing and graphics capabilities combined with power-efficient real-time control and multiple integrated features.

System-on-module combines edge processor with
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity

Summit SOM 8M Plus from Laird Connectivity provides security, graphics, and connectivity features needed in smart, connected devices.

The new Summit SOM 8M Plus system-on-module (SOM) from Laird Connectivity combines an advanced multi-core applications processor with a wireless system-on-chip (SoC) to provide a compact unit which simplifies the design of secure connected products and speeds time to market.

Dual-inductive position sensor provides high accuracy at high speed

NCS32100 from onsemi operates at speeds up to 60,000 rpm and produces 24-bit position and velocity outputs.

The onsemi NCS32100 IC is a dual-inductive position sensor interface which offers the high accuracy at high rotation speed required in servo motors and other industrial applications.

Launch of all-in-one power management solution for STM32MP1 MPUs

New STPMIC1 from STMicroelectronics provides the buck and boost converters and LDO regulators required to power complex application processors.

STMicroelectronics has introduced the STPMIC1, a fully integrated power management IC (PMIC) for the STM32MP1 series microprocessors. 

Simpler, cheaper, faster: the case for TSN in factory automation networks grows stronger by the day

Read this to find out about:

  • The features of the TSN variant of the Ethernet protocol which make it attractive to the industrial equipment sector
  • The IEEE standards which define the TSN specification
  • The reasons for using either discrete or SoC versions of the key TSN components – switches and transceivers

New RISC-V-based MPU provides fast interfaces for high-performance gateway applications

Renesas has introduced a microprocessor option for developers who want to base new designs on the RISC-V instruction set architecture.

The Renesas RZ/Five has a 1 GHz RISC-V core and a generous set of communications interfaces and security capabilities.

Superjunction MOSFETs support design of more reliable and efficient relays and fuses

Infineon provides S7 and S7A MOSFET families to replace electromechanical relays and fuses with superior solid-state technology.

Infineon is releasing a set of design guides and MOSFET products to help OEMs to replace conventional electromechanical switching devices such as relays, circuit breakers and melting fuses with new solid-state solutions.

New MOSFET technology gives improved power density and efficiency

MDmesh M9 MOSFETs from STMicroelectronics are suitable for both hard-switching and resonant topologies.

STMicroelectronics has introduced MDmesh M9 superjunction power MOSFETs, offering the industry’s best figure-of-merit for on-resistance x gate charge in its class. Use of the MDmesh M9 devices enables designers to substantially reduce power losses in power systems in communications equipment, microinverters and resonant dc-dc converters. 

DDR5 DIMM sockets compatible with the latest high-performance computing architectures

High-quality construction and space-saving design make the sockets ideal for use in data centers.

TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced DDR5 DIMM sockets to support the next generation of memory hardware for high-performance computing and server platforms. 

Tiny cellular module provides worldwide connectivity for IoT edge devices

New Type 1SE module from Murata includes high-performance ST microcontroller and a hardware security framework.

Murata has introduced a new space-saving cellular networking module for LTE Cat.M1 and NB-IoT connectivity which provides a complete application-ready platform for IoT and smart connected devices.

Bluetooth Low Energy MCU provides an integrated solution for smart connected devices

RSL15 from onsemi protects connected devices with a comprehensive set of advanced security functions including TrustZone® support and root-of-trust.

The RSL15 from onsemi, a secure low-power wireless microcontroller which implements Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.2 networking, provides a complete set of control and connectivity functions for smart devices in industrial and medical applications. 

Six-axis motion sensor features built-in AI processing unit

STMicroelectronics ISM330IS combines an accelerometer and gyroscope in a single small package.

The ISM330IS motion sensor from STMicroelectronics, which combines a three-axis digital accelerometer and a three-axis digital gyroscope, contains a new processing unit to provide real-time sensor data to the host application. 

30 V MOSFETs save space and power in dc-dc converters

Vishay SIZF5302DT and SIZF5300DT benefit from excellent thermal performance of 3 mm x 3 mm PowerPAIR package.

Vishay has introduced a fifth generation of its TrenchFET® MOSFET technology which enables power-system designers to build smaller, more efficient dc-dc converters. 

Space-saving FPC connector features robust single-action lock

Hirose FH72 series connector is just 0.9 mm high and has a contact pitch of 0.3 mm. The new Hirose FH72 series of flexible printed circuit (FPC) connectors is designed for quick, fail-safe installation in space-constrained applications.

With a contact pitch of just 0.3 mm and a height of 0.9 mm, this compact connector is suitable for small applications where space on the board is at a premium.

New automated machine learning software tool for users of STM32 MCUs

NanoEdge AI Studio from STMicroelectronics simplifies and shortens the development of systems for condition-based monitoring and other AI applications.

NanoEdge™ AI Studio is a new machine learning (ML) tool which enables developers to create in a few simple steps an optimal ML library for their STM32 microcontroller-based project, based on a minimal amount of training data. A demonstration version, with the part number STNEAIEVALLIC, is available for three months for free experimentation.

Flexible MCU improves touch-sensing performance in HMI applications

New Infineon PSoC 4100S Max supports latest CAPSENSE technology, and provides more memory capacity and I/Os.

Infineon has introduced the PSoC™ 4100S Max family of microcontrollers which support the fifth-generation CAPSENSE™ touch-sensing technology, bringing new capabilities and better performance to human-machine interface (HMI) applications in smart home, industrial and automotive applications.

Buck converter IC performs direct conversion of 60 V to 3.3 V

BD9V101MUF-LB from ROHM Semiconductor uses innovative technology to maintain stable output with pulse widths as short as 20 ns.

ROHM Semiconductor has developed technology, called Nano Pulse Control™, which enables direct power conversion from 60 V to 3.3 V. The technology provides a way for manufacturers to meet the growing demand for power supplies operating from a 48 V power distribution bus in applications such as mild hybrid electric vehicles, forklift trucks, base station back-up power supplies, and industrial robots.


New power MOSFET family offers higher efficiency in switching converters

Infineon StrongIRFET 2 MOSFETs offer lower on-resistance and gate charge than earlier StrongIRFET products.

The StrongIRFET™ 2 family of N-channel power MOSFETs from Infineon offers higher efficiency in switching power-conversion applications than the first generation of StrongIRFET devices, while matching the attractive price/performance ratio and broad availability.

Motion sensor supplies six-axis outputs for Industry 4.0 applications

ISM330DHCX from STMicroelectronics is an accurate, low-power and low-noise MEMS sensor.

The ISM330DHCX from STMicroelectronics is a system-in-package which combines a high-performance 3D digital accelerometer and 3D digital gyroscope to provide a six-axis motion sensor output. It is ideal for use in condition-based monitoring, predictive maintenance and other Industry 4.0 applications.

New MOSFETs double safe operating area to provide extra headroom for hot-swap and soft-start

Application-specific MOSFETs from Nexperia that feature optimized on-resistance and wide SOA can manage large inrush currents in 12 V power systems.

Nexperia has extended its portfolio of application-specific MOSFETs, or ASFETs for hot-swap and soft-start applications with the introduction of 10 new 25 V and 30 V devices.

New Arm-based MCUs include Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity

Microchip has introduced its first Arm® Cortex®-M4F-based PIC microcontroller family to provide built-in Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity. The PIC32CX-BZ2 MCU family offers excellent analog performance and comprehensive design support alongside wireless functionality. 


New high-density F-RAM memory offers low-power solution for mission-critical data logging

EXCELON ferroelectric RAM non-volatile memories from Infineon achieve ultra-fast read and write speeds.

Infineon has announced that new 8 Mbit and 16 Mbit EXCELON™ ferroelectric RAM (F-RAM) memories, the industry’s highest density serial F-RAMs, are commercially available. The new products extend the memory capacity of the EXCELON range: existing products offer memory densities of 2 Mbits and 4 Mbits.

Low-power six-axis sensor supports motion detection and gesture recognition

The STMicroelectronics LSM6DSO16IS is a system-in-package which combines a three-axis digital accelerometer and a three-axis digital gyroscope. It also includes an innovative sensor signal processing unit for implementing AI algorithms at the edge.

PCIe Gen 5 connectors meet demand for high-performance computing

TE Connectivity has launched a new family of card electromechanical (CEM) connectors which are compatible with the new fifth generation of the PCI Express (PCIe) CEM standard and are backwards-compatible with earlier generations of the PCIe standard.

Using SiC MOSFETs: the when, the where and the how

One of the world’s largest suppliers of silicon carbide MOSFETs, onsemi gives advice here about implementing these new devices in power-system designs.

Low-power redriver improves signal integrity of high-speed MIPI data paths

Diodes Incorporated has announced the latest addition to its broad portfolio of ReDrivers™ products with the release of a 1.8 V, 2.5 Gbits/s redriver which has four data lanes. The DIODES™ PI2MEQX2505 redriver is the industry’s first to support the MIPI D-PHY 1.2 protocol. The PI2MEQX2505 enables board designers to extend trace lengths without compromising latency or power consumption.

Dual-port USB Type-C/USB PD power controller accelerates development of power source applications

The FUSB15201 from onsemi is a dual-port USB Type-C® and USB Power Delivery (PD) controller for power sources in products such as automotive charging modules, industrial power supplies, USB charging ports, and mains power outlets, and is backed by a full firmware solution and API.


Shielded inductors lower costs and save space in high-current converters

The Vishay IHLE-2020CD-51 and IHLE-2020CD-5A inductors feature an integrated E-field shield for the reduction of EMI, enabling power-system designers to lower costs and save board space by eliminating separate board-level Faraday shielding.

Synchronous buck controller ideal for stepping down high-voltage battery supply

The L3751 from STMicroelectronics is a synchronous dc-dc step-down power controller which can support extreme voltage-conversion ratios with good power efficiency. The L3751 operates from a very wide input-voltage range of 6 V to 75 V.

Aluminum polymer capacitors set new benchmark for temperature resistance

The Panasonic SP-Cap portfolio combines improved temperature performance with high capacitance values and ripple current ratings.