Compact, low-power magnetometer provides precision heading data in small battery-powered devices

Featuring innovative TMR technology, the BMM350 from Bosch Sensortec enables new applications such as eliminating motion sickness in VR headsets, while providing a huge reduction in power consumption compared to the previous generation device.

Rail-to-rail op amp combines high bandwidth and low offset voltage

Featuring 30 MHz bandwidth, the TSV782 from STMicroelectronics is highly immune to noise and input bias current. This makes it ideal for use in high-performance sensor interfaces in both industrial and automotive applications.

Environmental sensor node provides integrated solution for indoor air quality monitoring

The Sensirion SEN55 sensor module performs accurate measurement of various parameters that affect air quality, including VOCs, NOx, and particulate matter, as well as relative humidity and temperature.

Compact dc-dc converter modules operate over wide input-voltage range

CUI Inc VXO78-500-M series converters provide accurate voltage outputs and tight line regulation to ease integration into demanding industrial applications. The module’s surface-mount open-frame package occupies a small footprint.

New 1,500 V relay in miniature DIP5 package ideal for industrial battery management systems

AQV258H5 HE series PhotoMOS® relays from Panasonic provide isolation of 5 kV, and offer unlimited lifetime and high immunity to shock and vibration, giving a valuable alternative to conventional electro-mechanical relays.

AI-enhanced smart accelerometers raise performance and efficiency in always-aware applications

New LIS2DUX12 and LIS2DUXS12 from STMicroelectronics perform smart functions on-chip, such as movement and gesture recognition and activity detection, lifting the processing burden from the host controller or SoC.

Magnetic switch provides flexibility and pitch-independent dual outputs

The Melexis MLX92352 three-axis magnetic dual latch and switch provides a simple, PCB-less solution for speed, pulse or direction sensing in motor-control applications such as eBike cadence sensors and control knobs.

New single-pair Ethernet controllers simplify industrial network systems

The LAN8650 and LAN8651 from Microchip enable the use of low-cost microcontrollers in the end nodes at the edge of industrial and IoT networks, such as sensors and actuators.

Triacs with isolated package provide UL-recognized solution for ac switching

New Littelfuse triacs handle high temperatures and voltages, providing a safe and reliable option for motor control, light dimming and home appliance applications.

650 V MOSFET produces efficient power-conversion performance

The SiHK045N60E power switch from Vishay combines low on-resistance with low gate charge to give low switching and conduction losses in switching power converters. The part is also notable for its low output capacitance.

MEMS motion sensors feature low offset and excellent linearity

New SCC400T MEMS sensors from Murata are easy to integrate into precision motion sensing applications such as robot arm control or platform stabilization, thanks to low noise and low offset drift.

Six-axis motion sensor features built-in AI processing unit

The ISM330IS six-axis motion sensor from STMicroelectronics combines an accelerometer and a gyroscope with a new processing unit to deliver real-time sensor data from a single small package.

New NFC tag-side controller integrates sensing and energy-harvesting functions

The Infineon NGC1081 enables designers to develop new IoT concepts for compact, battery-free smart sensing products that connect to the cloud via a convenient wireless smartphone interface.

Miniature toggle switches provide multiple configuration options

100 series switches from E-Switch give design engineers the freedom to select the termination type, actuator material, contact material, switching function, and bushing type.

Switching regulator modules offer more output options and improved thermal performance

Using the new R-78Kxx dc-dc converters from RECOM, design engineers can realize point-of-load power supply designs that require no heat-sink. The R-78Kxx modules provide a simple replacement for standard three-pin 78 linear regulators.

Six-axis IMU features AI core for intelligent motion signal processing at the edge

The STMicroelectronics LSM6DSV16X IMU combines an accelerometer and gyroscope with a machine learning core in a single compact package, to enable context awareness and configurable motion tracking without recourse to a host controller.

Precision resistors offer stable performance at high temperature and humidity

Panasonic Industry Europe supplies a broad range of chip resistors, including products optimized for precision, reliability or stability, and featuring maximum operating-temperature ratings up to 155°C.

Compact USB Type-C connectors support 10 Gbits/s data-transfer rate

CX series connectors from Hirose provide the robust mating performance and solid construction needed to meet the requirements of industrial and automotive applications. The connectors are well suited to automated production environments.

Integrated flyback controller IC offers high efficiency in appliance power supplies

Power Integrations InnoSwitch3-TN enables tight constant-current and constant-voltage regulation without the requirement for any external feedback components, simplifying power-supply designs and saving board space.

New 16- and 24-pin USB Type-C connectors support loads of up to 240 W

Global Connector Technology connectors benefit from a robust mechanical design. The 240 W USB PD capability provides much more power and faster charging than the previous 100 W limit.

8 Mpixel image sensor with high dynamic range optimized for harsh lighting conditions

The new AR0822 from onsemi produces excellent image quality in mixed dark and bright lighting thanks to embedded high dynamic range capability, while minimizing the burden on the host processor.

Op amps with 1.7 MHz bandwidth extend design flexibility in industrial and automotive applications

TSB62 series op amps from STMicroelectronics are available in three versions with a single-, dual- or quad-channel output. A wide input-voltage range enables use across multiple voltage domains.

Analog-rich configurable MCUs provide integrated platform for signal-chain designs

The PSoC 6 family of configurable MCUs from Infineon gives designers great flexibility to implement a single-chip analog front-end using an array of programmable analog blocks alongside the renowned CAPSENSE touch-sensing technology.

New type of smart connector provides cloud-enabled functions in a C14 power entry module

SCHURTER breaks new ground with the launch of the DS11, a Wi-Fi radio-enabled smart plug that enables energy monitoring, preventive maintenance and fleet management via a cloud-based software ecosystem.

New 7” TFT display module offers choice of capacitive or resistive touch-sensing control

The ATM0700U3 series display modules from Zettler are backed by software that makes it easier to develop attractive and sophisticated display user interfaces.

Air-speed sensors improve monitoring of fan operation in server and power-supply boards

Small, surface-mount FS3000 sensor module from Renesas provides a space-saving option for monitoring air flow in densely populated devices, such as a server’s processor board.

New IR receiver modules cut power consumption and improve sunlight immunity in remote controls

Family of Vishay integrated IR receivers provides a wide range of package options, to give OEMs flexibility in board layout and assembly. High ESD capability makes the Vishay modules a reliable choice.

New microcontrollers raise performance and enhance security for IoT and embedded applications

The STM32U5 series of MCUs from STMicroelectronics takes advantage of the security capabilities of the Arm Cortex-M33 core. Advanced graphics features enable these low-power MCUs to produce smartphone-like display effects.

Analog switches and multiplexers offer high precision and low power consumption

Vishay supplies a broad range of signal switching devices to support precision analog circuitry in applications such as data acquisition, industrial process control, test and measurement, and medical systems as well as consumer devices.

Compact, surface-mount crystals provide excellent frequency stability in wireless applications

The ECX-32 series of surface-mount crystals from ECS Inc produces frequency outputs between 8 MHz and 54 MHz, making the crystals ideal for use in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi radio devices.