Synchronous buck controller ideal for stepping down high-voltage battery supply

The STMicroelectronics L3751, which operates from a very wide input-voltage range of 6 V to 75 V, can step the input from a power distribution bus down to a power rail at 12 V or 5 V.

Load switch supports multiplexing between 5 V and 12 V power rails

The SLG59H1405V from Renesas offers a broad set of circuit-protection features. The device is housed in a compact package which can withstand high ESD voltages.

New 650 V SiC MOSFETs in TOLL packaging offer high reliability, low losses and superior thermal performance

Robust IMT65RxxxM1H series of CoolSiC™ silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs from Infineon provides high reliability even in harsh conditions, such as repetitive hard-switching topologies.

300 mA LDOs provide point-of-load supply to battery-powered automotive systems

The AP7583AQ and AP7583Q LDOs from Diodes Incorporated include a power-good indicator to help maintain a reliable power supply and to enable rapid identification of power faults.

Medical-grade 6 W ac-dc converter occupies tiny 1” x 1” footprint

The space-saving RACM06E-K/277 from RECOM operates from a universal mains power input, and offers a choice of output-voltage options. This converter is certified for use in medical, industrial and home applications.

800 V MOSFET enables designers to achieve high power density

The STP80N240K6 from STMicroelectronics features very low on-resistance as a function of area, helping designers to develop power systems that are both compact and efficient.

Single-chip solution for devices powered over a USB Type-C connection

The EZ-PD™ PMG1 family of devices from Infineon integrates a high-voltage microcontroller alongside a USB Type‑C® Power Delivery controller, streamlining USB Type-C implementation by replacing the main MCU with a single-chip solution.

Automotive-grade 650 V SiC MOSFET sets new standard for transistor efficiency, power density, and switching performance

The SCT055HU65G3AG MOSFET from STMicroelectronics, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of SiC devices, enables faster switching, lowers losses and improves thermal management in automotive and industrial applications.

Inductors offer low resistance and high current capability

Monolithic Power Systems supplies families of power inductors with inductance values, dc and ac resistance and saturation current ratings that are ideal for power-system designs based on the company’s IC products.

IGBTs with latest field stop technology are optimized for switching or conduction losses

The onsemi FS7 IGBTs are supplied in two series. Designers can choose the variant which suits their application with either fast-switching power conversion, or three-phase motors.

Compact molded inductors offer excellent EMI shielding

The Abracon AOTA-B family of mini molded inductors provides comparable performance to larger molded inductors while reducing the board footprint to less than 3 mm x 3 mm.

Polarized power relays perform energy-efficient switching operations

Panasonic supplies multiple series of polarized power relays to meet the needs of many applications. These relays offer substantially lower power consumption than other types of electromechanical relay, with low self-heating.

Multi-pixel driver with CAN FD Light powers next-generation automotive rear lamp designs

The STMicroelectronics L99LDLH32 provides 32 regulated current sources, enabling the creation of complex light patterns and effects in safety-critical lamps such as turn indicators.

Compact wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors fit in tight spaces

The Hirose DF62 series connectors feature strong unmating force and high resistance to shock and vibration, giving reliable power connections. The DF62W is a water-resistant version of the DF62 connector.

Grade IIIB Class X1 film capacitors for interference suppression

The F340X1, F340X2 and F340Y2 series of film capacitors from Vishay are certified for use in three-phase across-the-line applications, and are supplied with various approvals for standards compliance.

Launch of world’s smallest sub-miniature flange-mount magnetic reed sensors

The new Littelfuse 59155 and 59156 reed sensors are ideal for products that require proximity or limit sensing. Featuring a wide operating-temperature range, these reed sensors suit factory and process equipment.

Miniature USB 2.0 connectors save space in consumer electronics devices

FCI Basics Mini USB 2.0 connectors from Amphenol Communications Solutions support the full USB 2.0 data-transfer rate and enable battery charging. Robust mounting and mating mechanisms ensure reliability.

Why MCU users can benefit from exploring the scope to use a low-end FPGA

By Patrice Brossard

EMEA Vertical Segment Manager (FPGAs and ASICs), Future Electronics

Portfolio of SiC MOSFETs, diodes and gate drivers provides wide set of choices to design engineers

The Microchip mSiC™ portfolio of silicon carbide products and design tools gives power-system designers a flexible way to take advantage of the high efficiency, fast switching and excellent thermal conductivity of this wide-bandgap technology.

Step-down switching regulator ICs operate over a wide input-voltage range

The ROHM BD9G buck regulators, which feature an integrated MOSFET, have a high fixed switching frequency, so the power-system designer can save space through the use of smaller magnetic components.

650 V MOSFET in TO-220 package gives higher power density

The STP65N150M9 is based on the STMicroelectronics MDmesh M9 superjunction MOSFET technology, giving low on-resistance as a function of die area, and enabling engineers to realize highly efficient power converter designs.

New MOSFET needle trench technology increases power-system efficiency and density

OptiMOS™ 6 100 V power MOSFETs from Infineon have lower on-resistance and gate charge to reduce losses for power-system designers in fast-switching applications.

Rugged DIN rail-mount 75 W ac-dc power supply meets requirements of industrial applications

The PDRD-75 series power supplies from CUI Inc are available with a choice of three trimmable output voltages. They comply with the specifications of industrial safety standards.

Integrated 5.5 V load switch provides power control and system safety features

New Nexperia NPS4053 provides multiple safety and protection functions, in a smaller board footprint than an equivalent discrete power control circuit. Designers can use the NPS4053 to improve power-system reliability while saving space. 

Extension of SiC power device portfolio brings robust 1,700 V capability to MOSFETs and diodes

The EliteSiC family from onsemi incorporates a broad set of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, diodes, SiC modules, and hybrid SiC/silicon modules, and a new 1,700 V rating for higher-voltage applications.

Integrated flyback controller boosts performance of LED lighting

The HVLED101 controller IC from STMicroelectronics maintains high power factor and very low power in standby mode, for precise regulation across a wide range of LED driver topologies.

New 900 V GaN-based flyback switcher ICs increase power and efficiency

New InnoSwitch3™ ICs from Power Integrations feature robust and efficient PowiGaNgallium nitride switches, for industrial applications and for 400 V automotive auxiliary power supplies, supporting loads of up to 100 W.

600 W dc-dc regulator modules operate at up to 96% efficiency

The DSQ, DAQ and DCQ power supplies from Murata Power Solutions, which adopt the DOSA-standard quarter-brick footprint for distributed power systems, provide an option for PMBus digital control.

Launch of industry’s smallest 6 A, 20 A, and 25 A buck regulator modules

New microBRICK® power modules from Vishay are up to 69% smaller than competing solutions, enabling power-system designers to increase power density in point-of-load converters.

Compact power inductors handle high frequencies and currents

The ECS-MPI4040 shielded inductors from ECS Inc., which are supplied in a low-profile package, feature AEC-Q200 qualification, a rugged construction and can handle high inrush currents.

Automotive-qualified LED driver integrates adaptive dc-dc controller for maximized efficiency

The STMicroelectronics ALED7709 combines an AEC-Q100 Grade 1-qualified 4-channel LED driver with a dc-dc controller capable of boost and SEPIC operation from an input-voltage range of 4.5 V to 42 V.

Miniature wire-to-wire connectors offer IP67 waterproofing for harsh industrial environments

The FLHP2100 2-pin wire-to-wire connectors from Amphenol Communications Solutions feature a 2.5 mm pitch to give a compact, sealed connectivity solution in environmentally challenging deployments. Compatibility with 18 AWG wiring allows for high-current designs at up to 8 A.

Infrared sensor modules operate reliably even in direct sunlight

The TSSP93038DF1PZA and TSSP93038SS1ZA infrared (IR) sensor modules from Vishay provide a versatile IR sensing solution for presence and proximity detection in interior or exterior applications.

Compact TVS diodes for automotive system protection boast 40% smaller PCB footprint

Littlefuse’s SZSMF4L series of automotive-grade TVS diodes offers sub-nanosecond response times and over-voltage transient suppression at up to 400 W for 1 ms, and are suitable for a wide variety of automotive use cases.

2.1 kW LED drivers with low output-current ripple suit HDTV sports broadcasting

The EUCO Arena Sport 2K1 series from Delta Electronics provides three independent channels for driving LED lighting installations, each with up to 700 W of output power and controllable by DALI2/D4i or DMX-RDM interfaces.

Low-profile mezzanine connectors carry up to 45 A per power contact

The PwrBlade® MiniMezz connector series from Amphenol Communications Solutions offers very low stacking heights from 8 mm to 20 mm, with modular tooling to support a wide range of application requirements.