Power controller provides precise regulation of LED driver outputs up to 200 W

The HVLED101 power controller IC from STMicroelectronics maintains high power factor while consuming very low power in standby mode, and provides for precise regulation across a wide range of topologies in LED drivers that produce a power output of up to 200 W.  

High-power 1,800 K LED provides mercury-free replacement for high-pressure sodium lamps

The introduction of NVSWE21A-V1 from NICHIA gives a new direct-mount option in LEDs producing the characteristic high-pressure sodium (HPS) amber glow, and adds a direct-mount chip-scale package version of its successful 1,800 K LEDs.

Global shutter image sensor accurately captures fast-moving scenes

The onsemi ARX383CS is an ⅛-inch CMOS digital VGA image sensor with an active-pixel array of 640 px x 480 px, giving resolution of 0.3 Mpixels, and operates at up to 120 frames/s in full resolution.

Surface-mount resistors in power ratings up to 7 W

TE Connectivity (TE) supplies the SM series of surface-mount power resistors which offer mechanical strength and reliability, feature a low-profile case design with flexible tinned copper terminations for reliable solder joints.

How application-specific MOSFETs provide enhanced SOA for hot-swap and soft-start applications

The Nexperia range of application-specific FETs (ASFETs) are MOSFETs that offer special characteristics for certain applications. By optimizing the features of a MOSFET for an individual application, Nexperia has been able to give users substantial improvements in performance and effectiveness.

Low-power 16-bit MCUs with tiny 8-pin package option provide feature-rich alternative to 8-bit MCUs

Versatile new RL78/G15 microcontrollers from Renesas are based on proven RL78 core running at 16 MHz. Renesas has extended the low-power RL78 family of general-purpose 16-bit microcontrollers with new parts in small package sizes suitable for use in applications that would previously have used an 8-bit MCU.

Power-line filters maintain high power quality in lighting applications

The compact FB, FBL and FBH series filters from TE Connectivity are a fit for space-constrained lighting equipment such as standard track lights, and help to ensure that lighting performance is not impaired by power-line noise.

Electronic load switch protects the power rail from over-current and over-voltage

The STELPD01 from STMicroelectronics is an integrated electronic load switch which protects the application’s power rail and provides a versatile alternative to a traditional fuse.

Supercapacitors excel in applications requiring pulse power output

Offering long lifetime and very low ESR, the SCM series of electrochemical double-layer capacitor (EDLC)  from Kyocera are designed for applications which require a pulse power output.

Surface-mount family of safety capacitors performs EMI suppression and filtering

The SMDY1 surface-mount ceramic-disc safety capacitors from Vishay perform EMI and RF interference suppression and filtering and are intended for use in industrial and consumer SMPS.

43 W flyback converter reference design board helps accelerate design of LED drivers

Infineon has released a reference design board which provides a ready-to-use blueprint for a 43 W flyback converter producing a constant-voltage output in two-stage LED drivers. The board is based on the Infineon ICL8820 single-stage flyback converter controller.

White LEDs in standard 5050 footprint combine efficacy with high light output

Lumileds LUXEON 5050 family features a robust package that is resistant to atmospheric sulfur for use in outdoor lighting applications. Excellent color stability satisfies lighting designers’ requirement for high quality of light.

Integrated matching network and filter IC optimizes wireless performance of Bluetooth and Zigbee radios

The MLPF-WB-02D3 IC from STMicroelectronics integrates an impedance matching network and filter and provides a ready-made RF circuit optimized for the STM32WB5x and STM32WB1x wireless microcontroller modules.

Space-saving chip ferrite beads ideal for automotive noise suppression

Murata has released the BLM15PX_SH1 and BLM15PX_BH1 series, the industry’s first chip ferrite beads in the small 0402 case size to be suitable for the suppression of power-supply line noise.

High voltage and current ratings allow dc contactor relays to operate reliably in electric vehicle applications

The Littelfuse range of high-voltage dc contactor relays provides the high voltage and current ratings, and the robust performance required in new electric and hybrid electric vehicle and system designs.

Power controller simplifies the circuit in half-bridge resonant converter designs

The NCP13994 from onsemi is a high-performance current-mode controller which integrates X2 capacitor discharge, start-up current source and gate drivers to reduce external component count in power supplies.

Complete connector system eases assembly of controls and sensors in streetlights

The LUMAWISE Endurance S connector system from TE Connectivity supports Zhaga Book 18 and Z10 applications and connects light sensors and networked lighting controls in streetlights and area lighting.

Isolated 0.6 W dc-dc converter module features excellent load and line regulation

The MID06W0503A from Monolithic Power Systems provides isolation of 3 kV for point-of-load power supplies which need power up to 0.6 W, and operates from an input-voltage range between 4.5 V and 5.5 V.

New superjunction MOSFET technology gives improved efficiency and switching behavior

Part of a new MDmesh M6 family, the 600 V STD10N60M6 N-channel superjunction power MOSFET, from STMicroelectronics, gives higher efficiency and more effective switching behavior in switching power converters.

Family of battery protection fuses extended to include new 60 A-rated fuse

Littelfuse ITV9550 lithium-ion battery protection fuses protect against over-currents and overcharging to safeguard battery packs in power tools, robots, and other consumer electronics devices.

Boost PFC power controller offers low THD in medical and industrial power supplies

The STMicroelectronics L4986 boost PFC power controller is suitable for EN61000-3-2 and JEIDA-MITI-compliant applications which are rated for power output up to several kilowatts.

1 Mbaud optocoupler features built-in Schmitt trigger

The VOH1016A from Vishay is a 1 Mbaud high-speed optocoupler which includes an open-collector transistor output with Schmitt trigger functionality for easy integration into digital systems.

Compact boost converter helps extend battery run-time in wearable and portable devices

The Monolithic Power Systems MP28600’s ultra-low quiescent current and constant off-time control technology keep power losses to a minimum and offer efficient conversion in light-load conditions.

Automotive wire-to-board connector withstands temperatures up to 125°C

The miniature, low-profile ZE05 is a robust wire-to-board connector from Hirose which helps to save board space while maintaining a secure and reliable connection in automotive conditions.

Waterproof circular power connectors ideal for marine and industrial applications

The Mini Buccaneer waterproof and dust-proof circular power connectors from Bulgin handle power loads up to
10 A at 250 V.

Advanced LEDs improve lighting quality without sacrificing efficiency

The new 30 W NFCWJ108B-V4H6 and 46 W NFDWJ130B-V4H6 CoB LEDs extend the NICHIA H6 series of LEDs, which combines high efficiency with high CRI.

Bluetooth Low Energy modules new firmware eases implementation of mesh networking

The Wirepas Mesh 2.4 GHz multi-hop mesh networking firmware is now featured in the PAN1770 and PAN1780 from Panasonic, which enables scalable extension of network range.

Accurate LDO voltage regulator ideal for battery-powered products

The LD56020 from STMicroelectronics is a high-accuracy voltage regulator which provides low-noise output of up to 0.2 A and low quiescent current.

Circular connectors with lightweight, all-plastic shells ideal for rugged designs

The TE Connectivity (TE) Circular Plastic Connectors (CPC) offer excellent resistance to UV radiation and are rugged, cost-effective and reliable connectors that can carry both signals and power.

16 MHz to 96 MHz crystal offers tight stability over time and temperature

The ECX-1637B, from ECS Inc., is a very compact, surface-mount crystal which is ideal for wireless and IoT applications.