Bluetooth SoC includes advanced direction-finding capabilities

New Bluetooth® 5.3-certified BlueNRG-LPS system-on-chip (SoC) from STMicroelectronics includes an Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core in addition to powerful security capabilities.

75 Ω connector complies with 12G-SDI standard for broadcasting equipment

The D.FL75 series connector from Hirose is a surface-mount design that saves space in densely populated board designs. The connector is easy to assemble and provides a secure termination.

Power connectors offer flexible array of configuration options

The Minitek® Pwr 3.0 wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors from Amphenol Communications Solutions provide features that make them easy to assemble into end product designs.

Infrared LEDs offer high optical power output

VSMA1094750X02 and VSMA1085750X02 IR LEDs from Vishay are suitable for use in emerging applications for IR illumination such as occupant monitoring in the cabin of a vehicle.

1 W isolated dc-dc converter module offers excellent regulation at the point of load

The MIE1W0505BGLVH isolated regulated dc-dc power module from Monolithic Power Systems includes built-in feedback blocking and circuit protection functions which ensure reliable operation.

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Bluetooth Low Energy module with PCB antenna includes RF certifications for use worldwide

RNBD451PE from Microchip is a complete, off-the-shelf Bluetooth networking implementation, including radio, protocol stack and smartphone app, to enable OEMs to save development time and effort.

Combined Wi-Fi/Bluetooth radio chip offers very low power consumption

The AIROC CYW43012 SoC from Infineon is ideal for use in battery-powered products such as wireless IoT sensor nodes. The Murata Type 1LV module provides an easy way to implement the CYW43012 in end-product designs.

Easy-to-use demo kit provides simple implementation of mesh networking

The Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit features multiple sensor nodes based on the PAN1780 wireless module from Panasonic connected via ready-made mesh networking software from Symbiotech.

Op amps with 1.7 MHz bandwidth extend design flexibility in industrial and automotive applications

TSB62 series op amps from STMicroelectronics are available in three versions with a single-, dual- or quad-channel output. A wide input-voltage range enables use across multiple voltage domains.

Robust rocker switches ideal for industrial applications

The Littelfuse DSR series switches are supplied in various configuration options, including contact ratings up to 16 A and with or without illumination.

USB Type-C charging connectors: design, optimization, and interoperability

By Monolithic Power Systems

Bluetooth Low Energy MCU provides integrated solution for smart connected devices

The RSL15 Bluetooth Low Energy MCU from onsemi protects connected devices with a comprehensive set of advanced security functions including TrustZone support and root-of-trust.

Integrated matching network and filter IC optimizes wireless performance of Bluetooth and Zigbee radios

The MLPF-WB-02D3 IC from STMicroelectronics integrates an impedance matching network and filter, and provides a ready-made RF circuit optimized for the STM32WB5x and STM32WB1x wireless microcontroller modules.

Antennas offer high reliability and sensitivity in IoT devices

Abracon supplies a versatile range of external whip antennas, chip antennas and multi-protocol antennas for IoT devices to connect wirelessly over long or short range, and to maintain accurate satellite positioning inputs.

Integrated H-bridge IC simplifies design of motor driver circuits

MPQ6615 and MPQ6615-AEC1 ICs from Monolithic Power Systems provide a complete solution for driving motors operating from an input voltage up to 40 V, and with an output current up to 8 A.

Ac-dc power modules feature very low stand-by power consumption

RAC15-K modules from RECOM enable developers to achieve low average power in systems such as wireless IoT devices that draw brief bursts of peak current for radio transmissions between long periods in sleep mode.

Ultra-fast 200 V rectifiers save space and improve thermal performance

With 1 A V, 2 A, 3 A, and 5 A options, the VS-xEAH02xM3 rectifiers from Vishay, in a new Power DFN package, enable power-system designers to increase current-handling capability with a smaller board design.

Fully integrated wireless module cuts development time for Bluetooth Low Energy systems

New DA14695MOD module from Renesas is built on the DA14695 Bluetooth® Low Energy networking SoC, and includes an antenna, memory and passive components in a compact surface-mount package.

Configurable PCIe packet switches offer broad design flexibility

Automotive-qualified PI7C9X3G606GPQ, PI7C9X3G808GPQ, and PI7C9X3G816GPQ from Diodes Incorporated ensure low latency and high availability in high-speed data processing applications such as telematics, ADAS and infotainment systems.

Compact LoRaWAN module offers low-power, application-ready platform

The Murata Type 1SJ module is a complete system including LoRaWAN radio, 32-bit microcontroller, memory, and system communications interfaces, giving designers a fast and easy way to implement low-power, wide-area networking.

Electronic fuse provides resettable electrical protection for 12 V power systems

The STEF12S electronic fuse from STMicroelectronics provides comprehensive protection against over-currents, over-voltages and under-voltages, as well as offering optional reverse-current blocking.

Fast turn-off dual synchronous rectifier offers broad design flexibility

The MP6924A dual intelligent rectifier from Monolithic Power Systems enables designers of LLC resonant converters to use continuous conduction, discontinuous conduction, or critical conduction modes.

Compact 32.768 kHz tuning fork crystal provides stable output

The surface-mount ECX-31B crystal from ECS Inc. is ideal for industrial applications, and offers various load capacitance options. These crystals are recommended for use in STMicroelectronics microcontroller and microprocessor reference designs.

Complete cloud security solution protects IoT devices from cyber-attack

The OPTIGA™ Trust M from Infineon combines a compact hardware security module with comprehensive cryptography and other software to provide strong protection for cloud-connected devices.

2.4 GHz wireless module provides easy way to implement Bluetooth networking

The STMicroelectronics STM32WB5MMG module is a complete wireless system including antenna, power supply and matching network. Low power consumption makes the module suitable for use with a battery power supply.

100 V MOSFETs offer improved efficiency in synchronous rectifiers and dc-dc converters

The 100 V SiSS5108DN, SiSS5110DN, and SiSS5112DN TrenchFET® power MOSFETs from Vishay benefit from improved trench semiconductor technology to reduce switching and conduction losses.

Fuel gauges provide accurate measurement of state of charge for lithium batteries

The MPF4279x family of fuel gauges from Monolithic Power Systems provides a ready-made solution for fuel gauging and battery usage information in the main types of lithium battery.

Integrated flyback controller IC offers high efficiency in appliance power supplies

The Power Integrations InnoSwitch™3-TN enables tight constant-current and constant-voltage regulation without the requirement for any external feedback components, simplifying power-supply designs and saving board space.

New current-sense resistors ideal for automotive and consumer electronics markets

Current-sense resistors from Littelfuse are notable for precisely specified resistance values, so engineers can use voltage and current monitoring outputs with confidence in applications such as motor control.

Cortex-M33 core-based wireless MCU provides for more secure Bluetooth applications

The STM32WBA52 from STMicroelectronics features a high-performance radio which gives long range and a large link budget. A rich set of ST software resources helps accelerate development of security and other features.

USB Type-C connectors support high data rates and high power throughput

Amphenol Communications Solutions provides a robust range of USB Type-C® connectors which offer long life and strong retention force, with flexible configurations including a waterproof connector.

Internal 150 W ac-dc power supply features very low standby power consumption

The VGS-150C from CUI Inc is an internal power supply in a metal case which offers the safety and standards compliance required in many industrial and domestic products.

Half-duplex RS-485 transceivers offer high performance in demanding industrial environments

New MxL831xx transceivers from MaxLinear provide ultra-low slew rate control for low EMI. Supplied in a standard 8-pin SOIC package, the transceivers give OEMs a new way to reduce supply-chain risk for industrial connectivity parts.

Smart diode controller provides reverse input-current protection

The MPQ5850 and automotive-grade MPQ5850-AEC1 smart diode controllers, from Monolithic Power Systems, feature low power consumption in quiescent mode to extend battery run-time.

How to protect super-speed interfaces against damage caused by ESD strikes

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