Accurate LDO voltage regulator ideal for battery-powered products

The STMicroelectronics LD56020 is a high-accuracy voltage regulator which is suitable for use in low-power and battery-powered applications thanks to its ultra-low dropout voltage and low quiescent current.

600 V IPM provides complete inverter power stage for electric motors

The NFA42060R42 from onsemi is a Motion SPM 45 intelligent power module (IPM) which provides a complete inverter output power stage suitable for various types of electric motor.

New eFuse protection devices operate over wide voltage range

Littelfuse has announced four versatile new eFuse ICs which provide a comprehensive set of protection functions for electronics circuits. Highly integrated, the eFuse ICs enable developers to reduce design time and save board space and bill-of-materials cost when compared to typical discrete solutions such as a combination of a hot-swap controller and MOSFET.

Energy-saving motion sensor enables intelligent dimming of street lights

TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced the LUMAWISE Motion Sensor to give an easy and effective way to dim or turn off street lights when no pedestrian is in range. The sensor enables municipalities and lighting operators to save energy when lighting is not needed, but quickly return a luminaire to full brightness to maintain the safety, security and convenience of nearby users.

Ultra-compact tact switch saves board space in wearable applications

The NanoT series from C&K, now part of Littelfuse, features the world’s smallest side- and top-actuated tactile switches. The NanoT products are now available in both surface-mount and pin-in-paste versions in an edge-mount configuration, to give higher resistance to shear forces.

Specialized dev kits support video and imaging functions on PolarFire FPGA

Microchip supplies a range of evaluation boards, development kits, add-on daughter cards and programming and debug hardware which provide smart solutions for accelerating designs based on the PolarFire® and PolarFire SoC FPGAs.

Integrated three-phase gate driver saves board space

The onsemi NCD83591 provides an easy way to implement a 60 V three-phase gate drive circuit for trapezoidal motor control applications. 

Automotive precision op amp combines wide dynamic range with low-noise operation

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the AS2376Q, a precision operational amplifier for automotive systems. The device is ideal for the signal conditioning circuit in applications that operate at high frequency, such as on-board chargers and dc-dc converters.

Compact voltage regulators offer higher power density and faster transient response

The Vishay portfolio of microBUCK® synchronous buck regulators includes a family of 15 A, 25 A, and 40 A devices in a thermally enhanced 5 mm x 7 mm PowerPAK® package. The SiC45x devices operate from an input voltage range of 4.5 V to 20 V, and supply an output voltage in the range 0.3 V to 12 V. 

Multi-zone ToF ranging sensor detects multiple objects at up to 4 m

The VL53L5CX from STMicroelectronics is a multi-zone infrared direct time-of-flight (ToF) sensor which enables many ranging and object detection functions over a range up to 4 m. 

Low-profile MicroSD memory card connector features push-push ejector

The MEM2080 from Global Connector Technology is the slimmest MicroSD memory card connector in the market that has a push-push ejector mechanism. 

An easier way to design GaN-based power systems: comparing the market’s integrated driver offerings

By Vito Prezioso, Power Specialist Field Applications Engineer, Future Electronics (Northern Europe)

Offline power converters offer very high efficiency and power density

Power Integrations has extended its InnoSwitch™3 portfolio of offline switcher ICs, adding new, highly efficient converters for small consumer devices, automotive devices with a 1,700 V rating, and optimized products for fast-charging power adapters. 

100 W USB PD sink power controller provides flexible management and protection features

The STUSB4500 from STMicroelectronics is a USB Power Delivery (PD) controller which provides robust and flexible management of devices sinking up to 100 W at 20 V/5 A. 

Power entry module gives protection from high transient loads

SCHURTER supplies the DC12 power entry module for use in industrial and medical applications that are exposed to high transient loads. 

16 MHz to 96 MHz crystal offers tight stability over time and temperature

The ECX-1637B, from ECS Inc., is a very compact, surface-mount crystal which is ideal for wireless and IoT applications. 

DDR5 DIMM sockets compatible with the latest high-performance computing architectures

TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced DDR5 DIMM sockets to support the next generation of memory hardware for high-performance computing and server platforms. 

Designing rotary encoder applications with SoC FPGAs

By Martin Kellermann, Business Development Manager, Microchip

Dual full-bridge driver gives robust operation in stepper or dc motors

The STMicroelectronics L6206Q is a dual full-bridge driver which supplies a peak current output of 5.6 A to a dc or stepper motor. 

Expansion of SiC MOSFET family gives designers choice of package styles

onsemi supplies a growing range of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs which give power-system designers a wide choice of package, footprint and voltage-rating options. 

Launch of industry’s first terabit-scale secure Ethernet transceiver with port aggregation

Microchip has introduced a new family of META-DX2+ physical layer (PHY) devices in response to growing demand for 112G PAM4 network connectivity for enterprise Ethernet switching platforms, as well as cloud data center and telecom service provider switches and routers. 

High-current wire-to-board connector provides for secure locking

Hirose supplies the DF63 series of small, high-powered wire-to-board connectors for use in industrial equipment that must achieve high levels of reliability. 

Robust package design makes six-axis motion sensor ideal for harsh automotive applications

EWTS5G sensor is automotive-qualified and supports the requirements of the ISO 26262 standard. Panasonic Industry Europe has developed a six-axis inertial motion sensor which provides the robust and accurate performance required in automotive applications. 

High-capacity UFS memory ICs provide low-power storage for embedded computing devices

Kingston’s Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is an ideal storage solution for applications that require high performance and low power in a single integrated package. The small form factor and low power consumption of Kingston UFS devices make them ideal for embedded and mobile applications.

Efficient ac-dc power modules supply 5 W in a 1″ x 1″ package

The RAC05-K series of ultra-compact ac-dc power supply modules from RECOM offers excellent efficiency over the entire load range. These power supplies are suitable for use in IoT equipment and industrial applications.  

Power modules provide ready-made solution for NFC wireless charging

The BP3621 and BP3622 from ROHM Semiconductor are small, integrated power modules which provide a ready-made solution for implementing wireless charging at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. The BP3621 is the wireless power transceiver and the BP3622 is the receiver. 

Development kit provides reference design for wireless sensor nodes in industrial IoT applications

The STWINKT1B SensorTile kit from STMicroelectronics is a reference design platform for a wireless sensor node. It can be used in the prototyping and testing of designs for industrial IoT applications such as condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance. 

UVC LEDs offer long lifetime and high disinfection efficacy

Vishay has introduced two UVC LEDs which produce 12x higher radiant power at a lower cost than previous devices, while offering higher disinfection efficacy and a longer service life.

Rugged circular fiber connectors make termination easy

The 5000 series of expanded beam circular fiber connectors from Bulgin combines high performance with a simple process for termination.

Innovations in component technology address latest requirements of 5G mobile equipment designs

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• Why new types of 5G equipment require components which are more robust and smaller, and offer higher signal integrity

• New resistor designs for 5G applications which are resistant to solder joint cracking under temperature stress

• The latest miniature relays for densely populated power distribution units

Broad range of silicon MOSFETs for high-efficiency conversion

onsemi supplies a wide range of silicon N-channel MOSFETs which are fabricated with its T8 technology. The devices offer attractive on-resistance and gate charge values, making them suitable for use in power-system designs which require high conversion efficiency.

Compact chip provides comprehensive protection for USB Type-C ports

The TCPP01-M12 enables system designers to quickly and safely replace older USB Type-A or Type-B ports with the latest USB technology. By implementing protection with the TCPP01-M12, OEMs can maintain the safety and reliability of products featuring the latest high-speed and high-power connector interface.

Versatile PCIe clock generators marry small size and low cost with high performance

Renesas has added to its VersaClock® family of programmable clock generators with the new VersaClock 7 series of small, low-cost devices for PCI Express (PCIe) Gen5 and Gen6 and networking applications. 

PCIe Gen 5 connectors meet demand for high-performance computing

TE Connectivity (TE) has launched a new family of card electromechanical (CEM) connectors which are compatible with the new fifth generation of the PCI Express (PCIe) high-speed interface standard.

Stamped metal antennas support space-saving PIFA antenna technology

Abracon has announced that its OnBoard stamped metal antennas support the planar inverted F antenna (PIFA) technology, which saves space and provides reliable connectivity for short-range wireless, mobile phone and satellite positioning technologies.

Advanced relays and resistors ensure high signal integrity in the latest generation of test and measurement equipment

By Jeffrey Katz, Product Manager, and Eric Johnsrud, Product Manager, Panasonic

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  • The demand which test and measurement equipment imposes on electronic components for low noise, low distortion, and high-frequency operation
  • New relays which offer long lifetime in fast-switching measurement applications
  • Resistors which maintain very accurate resistance values in all operating conditions