Three-phase 600 V driver with embedded controller offers ready-made solution for BLDC motors

STSPIN32F0601 from STMicroelectronics combines an MCU for running popular motor-control algorithms with three-phase gate-drive circuit in a single package, helping simplify board designs and accelerate BLDC motor development.

Intelligent high-side 41 V power switch enhances automotive system reliability

The ZXMS81045SPQ from Diodes Incorporated is suitable for driving automotive 12 V loads while providing a range of protection functions, offering a reliable and smaller alternative to relays, fuses and discrete circuits.

Three-phase mains filters give excellent attenuation of EMI noise

Space-saving FMBC EP and FMBD EP double-stage filters from SCHURTER feature new safety design for compliance with the IEC 60204-1 safety standard applied to electronics equipment.

Coaxial connector saves space in 5G mobile applications

C.FL series connectors from Hirose, which support signal transmission at frequencies up to 30 GHz, have a mated height of less than 1 mm and a board footprint of 4mm2.

30 A PCB relay saves space in industrial equipment

The T9G series from TE Connectivity has a standard footprint, and features innovative design that maintains distance between coil and contacts in a small enclosure.

Space-saving automotive polymer tantalum chip capacitors offer low ESR

Vishay T51 series capacitors in compact D and V case sizes operate at temperatures up to 125°C, and provide a space-saving alternative to traditional tantalum and aluminum capacitors and MLCCs.

How to select power MOSFETs for battery-powered BLDC motor drives

Nexperia supplies a wide range of MOSFETs in space-saving package options. This Design Note examines the key product specifications that affect a MOSFET’s performance in a low-voltage BLDC motor drive.

Compact 600 V motor controller simplifies design of efficient BLDC systems

The onsemi ECS640A integrates three-phase gate drive circuit, feedback circuitry and a microcontroller core capable of running various motor control algorithms in a single compact package.

Surface-mount capacitors offer low ESR and excellent noise reduction up to 125°C

The SVT series, part of the Panasonic OS-CON family of surface-mount conductive polymer aluminum capacitors, tolerates high-temperature operation and gives reliable operation over a long lifetime.

Automotive-qualified 100 V half-bridge gate driver features on-chip bootstrap diode

The MPQ1923-AEC1 from Monolithic Power Systems, a 100 V automotive-grade half-bridge gate driver for N-channel MOSFETs, features short rise and fall times to support high-frequency switching.

Ultra low-power three-axis accelerometer for industrial and battery-powered applications

The STMicroelectronics IIS2DLPC offers four low-power modes which can be selected on-the-fly to adapt the accelerometer’s operation to the requirements of the application.

Automotive linear optocoupler offers fast response and high isolation voltage

The Vishay VOA300 ensures fast data transfer and stable gain over temperature, to provide for reliable and timely detection of power faults in electric vehicle battery systems.

Simplicity and efficiency: 1,700 V integrated flyback controllers based on SiC MOSFET technology set a new trend

By Akif Hakki Polat
Eastern Europe Analog and Power Specialist Field Application Engineer, Future Electronics

Read this to find out about: 

  • The drawbacks of a discrete approach to high-voltage flyback converter design
  • The case for using an integrated SiC flyback controller with internal 1,700 V MOSFET
  • A comparison of 1,700 V-rated integrated flyback controllers from Power Integrations and ROHM Semiconductor

New MPU with on-chip EtherCAT communication enables accurate, real-time industrial control

Products such as robots, ac servo drives and inverters can benefit from the reliable, deterministic processing of the RZ/T2L microprocessor from Renesas, which features an 800 MHz CPU and 576 kbytes of RAM.

Dual op amp features 200 mA output per channel

The STMicroelectronics TSB582 offers high gain-bandwidth product and rail-to-rail output, while robust protection features are valuable in industrial and automotive applications.

Precision thin-film chip resistors offer high moisture and sulfur resistance

New RP series products from YAGEO provide the precise and stable resistance required in power systems operating in harsh automotive, industrial or medical environments.

20 A dc-dc regulator module in new space-saving package design

The SiC931 dc-dc regulator module from Vishay provides a complete power-conversion system for stepping a 4.5 V to 18 V input down to an adjustable output voltage ranging between 0.6 V and 5.5 V.

Connectors reduce applied cost of assembling cable harnesses

The MTA 100 and MTA 156 series from TE Connectivity support mass termination assembly to reduce the labor required to connect multiple cables.

1,500 V battery protection fuse provides fast response to fault currents

The ESR fuse from Littelfuse protects large battery installations in applications such as energy storage systems, battery racks, and hybrid solar power/energy storage systems.

Module based on Bluetooth LE MCU provides fast way to implement connected motor-control designs

The AIROC CYBLE-416045-02 wireless module from Infineon is based on the PSoC 63, a dual-core 32-bit microcontroller with integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy radio.

Integrated motor driver chip ideal for three-phase applications

The STDRIVE101 single-chip motor driver from STMicroelectronics enables designers of motors or inverters to reduce component count and simplify their system board design.

Integrated motor driver IC provides complete power solution for BLDC motors

The Monolithic Power Systems MPQ6541 supplies a continuous current to the motor of up to 8 A. Reliable operation is assured by a comprehensive array of protection functions.

Ultra low-power digital temperature sensor offers ±0.5°C accuracy

Housed in a 4mm2 package, the STTS22H from STMicroelectronics is factory-calibrated, and accuracy up to 125°C is verified with traceable equipment.

New dc-dc converters meet fast-switching requirements of GaN-based systems

The MGN1 series of converter modules from Murata provides the ideal isolated power supply solution for the gate drivers required by GaN power switches. Compact dimensions ensure they can be accommodated in tightly-packed board layouts.

45 V MOSFET provides more efficient alternative to 60 V devices in low-voltage applications

The SiR608DP from Vishay features low on-resistance, gate charge and output capacitance, while offering higher breakdown capability than a 40 V MOSFET.

Fully programmable motor controller combines MCU with gate driver IC in a single package

The IMD700A motor controller from Infineon enables designers to implement compact BLDC motor or PMSM control systems with fewer components, and supporting operation from a battery power supply.

Ultra low-noise LDO operates over wide input-voltage range up to 38 V

The NCP731 from onsemi, an LDO with a maximum output current of 150 mA, provides the tightly regulated and stable power supply required by precision analog circuitry.

Precision thin- and thick-film chip resistors offer narrow tolerance of resistance

The RE thick-film, and AT and RT series thin-film resistors from YAGEO provide high temperature stability and a range of resistance values and case size options.

Motor protection relay provides Bluetooth link for remote monitoring

The Littelfuse MP8000 relay features a comprehensive set of protection functions for safe and reliable operation of motors and pumps drawing current of up to 1,000 A.

Power MOSFETs in space-saving package run at up to 175°C

The SiJH series MOSFETs from Vishay are housed in a thermally efficient PowerPAK package which is 57% thinner than the familiar D2PAK package commonly used for MOSFETs, and occupies a 60% smaller board footprint.

New low- and high-side bidirectional current sense amplifiers feature very low drift

TSC21x series from STMicroelectronics provides a wide range of gain options to enable designers to find the right fit for their industrial or automotive application.

High-voltage connectors withstand strong vibrations in EVs and HEVs

Robust IPT-HD high-voltage power bolt connectors from TE Connectivity handle extreme temperatures, and offer various IP rating options for use in harsh automotive environments.